Jumpers - Ep 03


The first incursions, the training of the agents.

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  1. So after watching episode 3, they confirm that the “AGENCY” uses microchip implants. With episode 1, the “AI”. So what’s to conclude?

    1. OMG, please hear what we’re saying not what you want to her: there’s no AI controlling the agency! Period. All star seeds have implants – they’re not all bad (some are just GPS or capacity enhancers) – need to study more about it. Again, we can clarify in person next week if that’s a subject hard to comprehend from these videos.

  2. Wow… what you guys are talking about around 11 minutes in seems very significant. Regression therapy may cause a person to access a “planted” or holographic memories that would induce a dangerous panic trigger, effectively buffering or masking the real memories. So I would imagine that some of these people going public with their stories of what they now “remember” could be recalling false memories. What a tangled web indeed.