Jumpers - Ep 01


What is “the agency”? Who controls it? Where is it?

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  1. It totally grabed my attention. It explains many things that I have been dicovering in my own inner experiencies trough this life. Thank you guys for putting this information out there, so many of us star seeds can understand more fully what is really going on on Earth right now and what our prupose as cosmic being is.

  2. Awesome, these guys are onto it…. finally a talk about the fracturlizing of the original colonizers, and the salvage mission to recover them…..the story of the creation of the human form so the trapped souls ( trapped so they don’t disperse and get lost and scattered forever) and could recover through life experiences in a form suitable for this environment…..and the help that came from all the galactic Federation planets……here comes the real history and the recovery and healing process we are going through…… this is no time to be racist, far more than we can imagine are mixed up in this comic soup called humans….

  3. These series promise to be very informative but I wonder if the episodes could get transcribed in English?
    The English subtitles are way too fast to properly follow the conversation so I had to constantly stop the video to read the script – this is no way to take it all in and digest it. Can something be done about it?

    1. We will try and slow the subtitles – also look to put it all in English. Unfortunately for now, there is little we can do. You can also slow the video on the video settings – bottom right.

      1. Corey, there are free apps & software that can translate it into any language very quickly! Since you recorded this or got this file elsewhere we can’t do it unless we uploaded it as a file, idk how to do that except for a screen recording …which is possible but timely …usually the Content Creator can go into settings to add any languages they desire so it’s “dubbed” it will also appear as if they are speaking English. It’s used all the time in creating vids just check out what software or app you want to use and you can dub it in English for us as like him I like to listen not watch as most people can do that more readily and there will be more views with that feature enabled. Either David Wilcock or Dr. Michael Salla do this for some of their videos so may wanna check with either of them. But there will be tutorials on it most likely on YT . ☺️🤗

      2. Dear One, Tap the ‘setting gear’ icon on the bottom of the video. Thrn tap playback speed. Tap slower or faster speed of playback. The same is true for YT videos.
        You’re welcome:))

      1. He mentions of an AI that controls the agency. Maybe the agents are ignorant of what is really an AI and the difference between something else for us to deduce it’s a misunderstanding.
        He also mentions that chips are implanted on agents. He’s not being very clear about it.