Dr. Alex Bloom: The Master Keys of Change, Unlocking Your Potential

2020 Vision Conference

Dr. Alex Bloom presentation for 2020 Vision Conference.


  1. Beautiful uplifting presentation, thank you!
    In this shifting of consciousness, experienced by some of us, not by all, as far as that’s verifiable to you and me, not with a label attached of right and wrong, I’m pondering this “flip” from negative to positive often.
    I believe that transmutation is key in what follows here.

    At this point in time, there seems to be another way to be in a moment of emotional turmoil, and be okay with it in that condition.

    By observing all of it, while present from top to toe, in one’s body, and embrace what at first seems unwelcome, not wanted.
    Embracing that experience from the affinity with oneself that one has (established) in one’s heart.
    An expanding space, the more we enter it, cradling the suffering.
    To me, it’s the best healing practice, avoiding useless interference of healing practices using protocols that the one who requests the healing cannot follow or make good use of.
    I remember my years of training in this work, terrified of “doing it wrong”.

    Feeling the responsibility so heavy on my shoulders, that I “played small”. Just to avoid performing. I smile about that trick of mine now.

    When I performed healings in class, as training practice, sometimes the result was impressive.
    I remember the admiring remarks of teachers, witnessing it.

    At that time, 35 years ago, my connection with who I am was waferthin. I heard the remarks, but remained aloof, shrugging my shoulders almost in disbelief. Playing cool as a defence, a shield, was my game. How that has changed for the better, through the years.
    And so, what about that “flip”? To me it’s not walking away from what IS, and replace it by a 🙂, like giving a toddler in a tantrum a sweet, to make the screams stop, not addressing the issue, but rather in full acknowledgement and compassion within the 💛
    And I don’t mean a sentimental journey, mind you 😉

  2. The voice of Dr Alex Bloom is so pleasant and calming, that my two kitten boys Thorin and Frodo, sit listening with attention, and start falling asleep, wobbly on their haunches, eyes closing. So very cute. One came sitting on my lap today, first time since they arrived a week ago. Ginger and white, 11 weeks old.

  3. Jo vím mnoho ale je toho ještě více co nemám možnost v překladu do Českého jazyka, zrovna ty videa jsou supr u nás to lidé neznají tak dobře a málo kdo by to také přeložil. Je to škoda že u nás je taková neinformovanost začala jsem s těmi informace před 10 lety a pořád to je slabota prostě lidé u nás pořád spí