Developing 4D Abilities - Psychics - Ancestor & Guide Communications - Coreys Tarot Deck?

Corey Goode

Is a secret reading given in this video? What do you pick up – watch every card. Follow up – people asking about my Tarot Deck in the last video guided me to share this on developing your 4D abilities and how to fine-tune them.


  1. I’m probably the only one to say this, but that never stopped me before. This is the first time I’m questioning your sanity Corey, not even the Blue Avians could do that. You even have crazy eyes holding up these cards. WTF? Is this like a test to see how much BS your followers will go for? To prove if you are in Guru status yet?

  2. Corey’s demeanor, personality , constitution, whatever we call it , is so personable, humble , humorous , because he also knows , what we must believe . It’s not easy. He said it himself , he thought he was nuts at first . After researching for 30 yrs , being extremely intuitive and empathetic , i’ve watched him for hundreds of hours , no exaggeration. HES REAL . Anyone who isn’t taking him seriously ? understandable , most are so far gone in fluoride , aluminum , pharmaceuticals etc … but the rest , all they have to do is hear him out . Globally . That’s my goal , my wish , my intention . he’s enoch , that simple.

  3. The cards are given in a path, the path that it takes one to use their gifts, to grow them, to protect them, to enhance positive and have green lights in your life. Once you do you have energy that you still have to be careful how you use it because there are always new devils and tricks the higher your vibration rises. There are many twists and turns in the reading but still together create a path that will allow you to ascend to higher levels. It is interesting that Corey’s children helped him make the cards because teaching the child is setting up the future to know and understand this path as well. Corey has gone through this in his life to be able to pass it to the people who can see and understand this path. Many people have the fever as youngster but only those who are open to the images will be able to make good use of this rise in vibration, especially as a child when one doesn’t always understand what the heck is happening.

  4. Hello, everyone. Corey Goode, I’m a Chinese. I like watching your video very much. I want to forward it. I have forwarded your video several times in the early stage. I want to tell you that I want to forward your video. I hope you can see it.