Corey Goode Update: The State of Disclosure, Global Liberation & Spiritual Warfare

Corey Goode

Corey and Stacy Goode discuss the state of Full Disclosure, Global Liberation, and Spiritual warfare

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  1. Right now disclosure is a personal thing. Many of us see signs and have personal experiences. I think a lot of disclosure will happen as we keep telling our stories and keep listening to others, put our pieces together, see what fits.
    However, next year looks to be jumping, I think there may be a time limit given, disclose it your way or we will disclose it ours!
    So we are getting a slow drip.
    Spiritual battles? Welcome to my world, I’ve dealt with stuff most all my life. Lately, not so much! Things have shifted.

  2. Well I hope the time between now and the new course goes uneventful and quick. The shadow entities are an ever present reality that I can’t seem to rid myself of. Always on the edge of sleep, they sit next to me and try to influence me. I try to remove them, I can clear it for a while, but in a few days they’re back. They’re just sitting there, waiting for me to slip into the dream state. They block all lucid dreaming, I feel disconnected. They’re in my dreams, they look like normal people, they show me situations that just aren’t the truth, and they try to get me to own it. I reject it and the energy of the dream spikes and I wake up. Sometimes I awaken screaming, sometimes the content is blocked from my memory and I wake up in a very agitated state, sweating, out of breath, and I have no clue why. I hope I make it to the course. I hope someone has some real answers, I haven’t had a lucid dream since November of 2020. That one was very different, not because I was being showed something, but because of what was presented to me.

  3. I told you that I didn’t believe there would be any disclosure. People put their hopes in the wrong people. Those good people don’t have the power to change anything. We can raise our frequency, meditate and spread the word to everyone we meet. However, we the people don’t have the weapons they have. If the military is not on our side, nor any politician or party can be trusted, I expect nothing to happen. The Earth Alliance was made up of people I don’t want to have anything do with. What you are saying is correct, we are all under attack. I am very spiritual and very aware of what is going on. It has been going on for centuries. Only difference is that they were underground. Now they are in the open.

    1. Hi Marjory, I understand everything that you said and unfortunately agree with most everything you said, except I believe that the military is on our side now and President Trump is many things except a politician. He is a man of power and persuasion and a large part of his presidency was spent visiting and speaking with all the other leaders of the legitimate world. There is a plan and we all need to believe and support that. President Kennedy was killed because he was going to do the same thing that is happening now. The World Trade Center twin towers were blown up to also stop NESARA from being activated by the Bushes . This is the third time of attempting to get NESARA activated and with our mental energies directed towards that it will happen. BELIEVE!

    2. Marjory Kephart, I shudder inside when you say that you’re “very spiritual” Is there really a need to make such a point? To me it’s fully unnecessary and also, it’s no proof of “knowing the truth”. We all have our personal interpretation of reality, each one slightly different, and thus…. unique. I can hear
      a plumber explain about his work, using humour mixed with “wisdom of the streets” that is sometimes more spiritual to me, in an innocent way, than what’s coming out of the mouth of so called channellers, who promise to “know it all” because they’ve got spiritual privileges. Aaarrrghhh!

    3. Marjory, I agree with your statements for the most part. Frankly, when I read the news and the posts, only a small minority of people are ready for full disclosure and those are the ones who are already aware of partial disclosure. There is a wealth of ignorance out there and a lack of ambition to remedy it.

    1. Patricia, it’s my belief that when my “bibs” are high or higher, only when I’ve got unsolved issues with an emotional charge in tow, my system will invite attacks of lower astral planes, also human responses/reactions, triggering that charge, without my conscious knowledge/awareness of it. Nowadays, I observe such events as good pointers to where I’ve got homework to do 😉🧙‍♀️🧐

  4. Gorgeous landscape where you are, Corey and family, awesome! Thank you for this update, I’ll be so excited when the package arrives through my letterbox!
    Ha, that blue chicken speaking loud reminds me of one of Henry David Thoreau’s quotes, a man who lived alone in a self-made cabin near a pond, who wrote about his life and observations in the book “Walden”. My favourite book and favourite quote by this man who understood natural life so deeply ”I do not propose to write an ode to dejection, but to brag as lustily as chanticleer in the morning, standing on his roost, if only to wake my neighbours up.”
    (Chanticleer is the name of a rooster in a famous fable)

    1. By the way, as an extra detail to my reference of Henry David Thoreau’s quote, his book Walden is available as a free download online. It’s one of those jewels with observations that are as deep in wisdom as in presence with what IS. Thoreau’s views on human designs of society, politics, and religion are superb and sharp with sarcasm at times, like cutting Gordian knots in two with a sword.

  5. Luv the Blue Chicken Intro… heads up, Windows or Gmail is deleting your email updates now from my machine, could be happening all over. Keep on trucking, it keeps my hopes up.

  6. I think I’m under serious attack by negative forces. I see all kinds of weird things in my own house, and on the road when i work as a bus driver at night. For example, often I see images on the back of my love seat. They appear and disappear. Sometimes I see fairy type people and sometimes things that look really nasty, devilish actually. I smudge my house every night when I get home. Day time isn’t so bad, but at night it feels creepy. Email me for pics that I have snapped. These things appear in bed sheets, on the back of my love seat, on my towels, in the wood patterns of the kitchen cabinets, in the carpet, in snow banks on the side of the road, and the curb at a transit center. Most of the pictures are of non-scary beings, but i do have some of the evil looking stuff. I have smudged, bought protective crystals, merkaba’s, but after watching this video and hearing Corey say his house was infested, I’m beginning to the think my small condo is also infested. I’ve seen some of those shadow beings in the corner of my eye on the road at night, but that was only once. I used to be tormented by negative entities when I was a heavy drug addict. Sometimes it feels like a psychic attack is happening, but I can fight those off. Again when i was a crackhead, I was attacked mercilessly, back then they owned me, and tormented me savagely lol. I’ve come a long way. I also have a trickster living in my house. It likes to make faces in the bed sheets I place in front of the door to keep out the draft from the hallway. I have plenty of pics. My email: [email protected]

    1. Manny Thandi, after reading your comment I had the impression that there’s an opening in your energy field, maybe caused by the addiction you’ve created, or maybe even before that time.
      It seems that an energy healing session with an energy-reading about the why, what, how, etc.
      might be helpful. It looks like the start of the clearing is inside and that your external environment, your condo, and all other spaces you find yourself, where these mirages, images, whatever it looks like, shows up as a result of what’s drawing them in, or what they’re attracted by from within you.
      Does that make sense?

      1. Yes some of what you say makes sense. I truly believe I opened doorways when i was addicted to cocaine, and crack cocaine. I came from a very abusive childhood, and have suffered trauma in every decade of life, I’m 56 now. I experience synchronicity daily, I’ve made pretty drastic changes to my life, and have grown massively. I’ve been clean of that shit for a long time, and recently ditched the weed habit.

        1. Thank you for your honesty, you seem to have travelled far with much growth on your path. Congratulations! Your recent ditching of the weed might have pushed your system in a weird sort of “detox” symptoms, with those mirages showing up.
          As a holistic nutritionist, I’ve met a man, in forum discussions, once upon a time, who told me that he had changed his diet drastically, from ignorant consumer-style to almost raw food, with a rather Spartanic approach in his choice of food products.

          As soon as he started his new eating habits, nightmares showed up frequently, and he was puzzled by it. He was a person expecting to be immediately clean and healthy, etc as soon as he changed his diet. He was very young still, although very bright.

          I’ve explained to him that by releasing certain substances from the body (food additives, in colour, taste, smell and alternatives of salt and white sugar, the Chinese taste-enhancer Ve-tsin in their restaurants and take-away food as well) there’s a possibility that emotional packages, or should I say pockets? stored within, are surfacing also, and released in several forms of expression, be it mood changes, irritability, tiredness, a sense of malaise, headaches, and….. nightmares.

          Every night, while asleep, our astral travelling offers us a chance to release the effects of past-daily impressions and experiences, and balance them in a way that we can start each day with a “blank slate” so to speak, in the daily hustle-and-bustle of life.
          Of course, we can have deep-seated trauma that isn’t released in one night of sleep, and I understand that you’re now, in this phase of your life, kind of sweeping your path clear from debris and dust that connects to your past.
          I’m not sure if you’re able to connect with spiritual guides, like Jeshua and Mary Magdalene, or others who are aquaintances on a soul-level of your colour and “brand”. Do you medidate? Or any form of reflection and sitting quiet, maybe writing a journal as well?

          1. Hi,
            Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been busy. Quitting weed was good, and I learned a lot about sleep hygiene and the effect pot has on sleep ( I don’t sleep very well and quitting pot definitely had an effect on sleep. Those mirages are not mirages, they are real, email me and I’ll send pics. Corey has spoken about the spiritual warfare, and to me it feels just like that. I’m pretty strong and can fight off their psychic attacks. I smudge my house daily.

            I see a trauma therapist who’s helped me greatly, I’ve made strides, I’m here socializing, I’m coming out of the shell, so that’s good. I do meditate, but not consistently enough. I don’t journal, and I know I have to do that. I will get to it. Right now I’m so tired from the ascension process, totally drained all the time, burnt to a crisp lol. This is a hard hard process. Holding down a stressful job, the ascension process, quitting weed, spiritual warfare, dealing with past trauma etc. I’m so tired lmao.

            I resonate with Guru Nanak, Buddha, and Jeshua. I have learned the trickster can play a part in spiritual growth:

            The trickster in my house is real. He doesn’t come out and fully reveal himself, but he does in other ways, like manipulating a bed sheet by making faces in it. Email me for pics. There are other things as well, not what I would call mirages. The negative stuff i kick out of the house with smudging and protective crystals as Corey has spoken of. But there are other things i cannot explain, they look like something from a fairy realm. Its pretty weird man. They appear on the back of my love seat, on towels, the carpet, even my clothing sometimes. Its pretty darn weird. Email for pics.

    2. Sounds like you need some serious professional psychic help and or an exorcist. I do know that drug and alcohol use opens up a channel in the back of your head. It’s an open door to any entity. Way above my pay grade to fly solo but, if you like for starters to try a DEC healing. There is no charge for this.
      Don’t want to see your pics, it just gives them more power.

  7. Thank you Corey for keeping it real.
    It is time for all of us to take ownership responsibility and participate in the solutions.

    🙏🏼 There is no failure, what is unfolding is what is right for humanity. 🙏🏼

  8. I agree with the point you made about having a balanced approach. Too many people see what they want to see and make rationalizations for it instead of trying to broaden their perspective to incorporate as much information as possible into their views.

    1. I believe there’s a phenomenon called “spiritual ego” initiated by the New Age religion, which is introduced into our human society by Maurice Strong, the founder of the Baca community in Boulder Colorado, a multimillionaire who also sat at the table with the UN creating the Climate Report, which is a fairy tale as much as the New Age religion, and the narrative of Covid-19.

      New Age devotees, who lived in the Baca community at the time (Strong has passed away by now), were supposed to suppress all that felt uncomfortable and negative, creating an artificial mood of Love and Light, believing that a single one-way ticket to Ascension was secured in that way.
      In other words, they create a supersensual state of being that seems to be all peace and calm, detachment of the “ugly world below” and fill their inner cellar with muck and mud.

      Naturally, loosh is a rich harvest for entities, and so, a potpourri of energies is swimming around these groups of like-minded marshmallow chewers in velvety outfits covering the cold steel of New Age dogma.

      I believe that organisations formed by love-and-lighters who don’t touch ground much, will move through procedures ordained by natural law, where the grain and chaff are separated. The creation of love and light in a state of sobriety and no-nonsense can’t evolve otherwise, see what I mean?

      The game of divide and conquer often turns on itself like a boomerang, when superiority complexes are dancing together, stepping on each other’s toes all of the time as long as equality and connection in mutual respect are ignored.

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