Bridget Nielsen & Corey Goode - High Vibration Diets & Raising Consciousness

Corey Goode

(October 2016) Bridget Nielsen & Corey Goode Discuss High Vibration Diets & Raising Consciousness From A Vegetarian Perspective

Bridget’s Article on High Vibrational Diet:
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This video is on How to Raise Your Vibration through intaking the Healthiest Foods to take in more spiritual energy and vitality. Do certain foods help with Vibration? Yes! This concept is about achieving perfect health by detoxifying and healing your body, then nourishing it with healthy meals. By being in your body and in your center will assist with the law of attraction, motivation, joy, personal development, spiritual expansion and manifesting the life you want!

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  1. Absolute rubbish info. Animals are humans food along with fruit, honey, milk, sea salt. That is basic food got every single human. Proof you’ll find with Dr. Paul Saladino (Carnivore MD)
    The folks talking about this veganism style of eating is false and a lie in every which way shape and form.
    Every single human was designed to be carnivore and there’s nothing you can do about it. Plants are not to be eaten except for their fruit. No seeds, leaves, stems, roots of a plant should be eaten they all hold anti-nutrients and poisons every single one of them. Do not believe these plant eating fools.

  2. I had to go from a vegan diet back to meat and my body has now become leaner and feels better. It’s so much easier to throw a steak on the George Foreman than cooking or preparing meals due to my disabilities. Sitting down to cut foods and prepare them is not the same. It is also painful for me. But I don’t seem to have lost any vibrational status, in fact, I’ve managed to gain it again now that I am on meat so, every body is different. When I can find someone to cook for me I’ll consider it again, but eating grass fed beef might be why it’s not hindered my vibrations.