Positive Affirmations with Stacy Goode (AA Wk4)

Stacy Goode


  1. Nicely done Stace! As a mental health counselor if twenty five years I often gave positive affirmations to my clients…..this set you share is fantastic!
    Mahalo nui 🙏🌺👍

  2. This never happened to me during meditation. I put my palms over my eyes to dmake it all dark, headphones on my ears and listen to this meditation…I see toroid, dee blue space filled with vibrations, moving so fast in a spiral toroid and then i see their eyes, so many many beings like film moving in front with all these beings with beautiful eyes and i start cryings becoase of love they show…I wish all humanity feels this love…

  3. my name is norman, im a old soul thats been around for only 75 years now, to my under standing ill live now for ever…im leaving 3 d world and going to 5 d new Guya… also im a light worker, hear to help humans to cross over to the 5 th. dimension.. i will be taken off this world to a few space craft, the new Juluseum . with the commander ASHTAR SURRAN sorry about the miss spelled words, all this will take place this 12-21-21. please remember me.. maybe or maybe not… i would be please to know you in our new future… God be with you all !!

    1. Ashtar sided with the reptilian’s In a attempt to take over the federation and kill my Earth and Pleiadian vessels. he is now in chains Michael and Sananda My father took him and put him in chains. Like lucifer he went against his family. I was beyond shocked as the founder of both I wasted to aid but Ashtar did evil things with his group Federation now back in the positive. I will answer any question you have. Queen Shashawna