Ep1: What are High Vibe Foods?

High Vibe Cooking with Shanti

In this episode: transitioning to a high vibe diet, sweeteners, adding citrus juice to your morning water, easy vegan butter, salt, nut milk, and green juice.

Next Episode: Ep2: Amazing Salads


  1. Your delivery and your content are exquisite. Might we suggest you make the unnecessary background music a bit lower in amplification? We are having trouble hearing your delightful words.

  2. Why have music together with speak, ???…. The music is way to loud, can barely hear what she is talks about !!! sorry, for my negativity…. but honestly….. She have some very impotent to say …..so …. Why the music…. turn et way down ore get rid of it….. please….. . Thanks Best

  3. nice info but the music is so horribly wrong (which indicates the person who chose it knows absolutely nothing whatsoever about mood setting with music/scoring) that I had to mute and turn on subtitles!