Possible \ /ax injury therapies [or virus recovery*]: 

*don’t let this replace medical advice. Limited reasons listed.

Some functional & holistic medicine therapies for the V injury (or, an autoimmune flare from or after a virus).:

Supplements –

Vitamin D3 + K1; and MK-4, MK-7 (K2). Daily vitamins K1 and K2, or MK (menaquinone), can interfere with anticoagulants (i.e., Coumadin). Consider this if you take regular aspirin.

•Plaquex (R) – a phosphatidycholine (PC) formula. Some monitoring needed, or go slowly. Sometimes it’s used with menaquinone (above) for liver heavy metal removal. It can lower glucose or interfere with anticoagulants, or other meds. Some of us cannot take it daily. Others can have 2-3/day. Anything new = start low + slow. New molecules to your body depends on your metabolism. 

•Pectin – apple or citrus. Used in the past to help the liver clear viral infections, including ones like hepatitis. According to old medical journals, it was used when other medical treatments could not be used.

•NAC – (N acetyl cysteine) from a good company helps with lung and respiratory function. Also, may help reduce mild, histamine-type allergic reactions. Have with food. 2-3 weeks of 1 per day helped, but I will take for a week with zinc if I feel I’m ‘fighting off something’. Doesn’t seem to interfere with anything so far. 

•Probiotic – a refrigerated one with the lactic acid bacteria. 3 weeks – 1 month of this after an illness that affects your gut helps replenish your gut bacteria. Does best if it is in your small intestines a while. ~2 hours after a meal, before bed, or 1st thing in AM.

Other – 

•Extracorporeal shockwave therapy (“Softwave” in U.S.) – looks like an ultrasound wand. Wand pulses over the skin, but goes deep & increases your natural healing. At 1) functional medicine or 2) chiropractor clinics. Can take 2 [bad stuff may go up to 8] treatments – it is pricey! It helped a lot after 1 treatment over the V injured area that was bothering me. If you notice a benefit from acoustic therapy or sound waves, this may be your 1st choice! 

•Hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy (~1 atmosphere) for 1 hour a time. Is expensive, but helpful for recovery, if only 1 or 2 sessions and that’s all. Clostrophobia came to mind when I first saw it, but they have windows, and are worth it if 1) you are having trouble getting a “full” breath after being ill, or 2) just having trouble healing.

I was hesitant to write this, because I have been used like many of you have. It is tiring and costly. I also don’t wish for my soul group here to feel brought down, reactionary, or any lower vibrational state of mind. I hope these help. I was made to feel like I would lose pre-existing condition care, by refusing the \/@x. I am still recovering from that specific injury, plus the flare of my autoimmune condition it caused. I had a bad reaction to this particular “innoculant”. The cost, lengthy illness, plus research took longer in making this post and a lot from me. My fellow soul group, I am improving. Maybe I will not ever be how I was, but I feel my light growing again, finally. 

I’m glad to be here with you… “WE are the ones we are waiting for”! 

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  1. One important part I meant to include was this problem was with a “booster”.
    After reading up about how we have historically given 2nd [and 3rd] series of other innoculants, the timing on this one is way too close. I can only find 1 where we suggest an innocuous agent after healing from a dormant \/irus, and that is 9 months to a year after shingle; which is a variant of the pox V.

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