I wanted to create a bright and colorful picture of my dog that passed away 26 days ago. I have been playing around with a couple AI generators this afternoon with no lunch. I had uploaded a painted picture of a guitar and asked for it to be continued out 6 inches on all four sides… this is what I got.

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  1. Just saw this ! It’s a pic of a beautiful Woman! Idk how it came up 2 months almost 3 later but all I did was search “Meditations” after nothing came up under “Gateway Tapes” I used an app recently and tested 1 photo of me with “A 👁” and it creeped me out! Yes it can make beautiful art but is it ran by lower energies? Elon Musk said It’s more dangerous than nuclear missles. It added this evil cat like face to my body, blew up my boobs which are big enough and put tats all over
    My body. I couldn’t
    The bizarre evil cat face removed so his
    Deleted the entire app as the AI took over & wpukdnt allow me
    To manually edit or to edit anyone but 1 person although my settings were for 3.

    I’m sorry for your loss of your pet & we shall all be reunited together and perhaps that’s what your pet will look like!!!

    Do you know who posted this? I just came
    Across & safari on google won’t allow me to hit back button to see originating
    Site. I was on here but also reddit but not signed in..think it was from here but just read entire homepage & I blown away & would love to do this if he’s not too busy !!

    TYSM for all u share & for being here 👍🏻💖🌈🌞🌍🦋🙏🏻

      1. TY but almost
        All the beautification apps for vid/photos have an AI feature now…😏
        I was referring to the link not the pic…I knew you posted that this my reply …I was referring to the link you commented on. It IS amazing isn’t it? I read the entire homepage and tr part about Eisenhower he talked about shocked me as idk he had done that in order to be made President but that doesn’t surprise me…think his daughter or granddaughter may be enlightened but not sure if she’s aware of his low negative energies and evil acts he did …
        Anyway ..may reach out to get the mini read or free offer if it’s still available . He sounds super busy !

        I find the most
        Amazing content now…it just comes …I love it ❣️ I think I know the member who shared it as he replied to me and had it at the bottom of his reply. Let
        Me check my messages and see if I can find his name if you are interested & want to follow him!


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