First of all, when you awaken and come into the creative power, then the dark ones do not agree with it! This is no different on the astral planes than on the earth plane when you oppose the dark system.

Here the “light and love faction” with gatekeepers like Eckhart Tolle, Veith Lindau, Robert Betz etc. does not get any further. These gatekeepers keep the gate closed and confuse. You take bits of truth and pepper them with twisted truths. For example: You must avoid the dark, otherwise you will attract it and into your life. Now let’s just assume that you discover dark forces in the higher dimension but retreat into a bubble of light and love and the dark forces happily carry on. These can have an effect on your love relationships or on your flow of money on your soul plan, your soul mate/contracts and soul missions etc. or stop them, but from the light and love bubble one simply does not want to admit this. Most of the time, however, the dark forces leave this faction alone, because as long as they remain in the bubble and do not follow their soul plan, it does not bother the dark ones.

Here it is important to accept the darkness, to look, to illuminate and dissolve and transform your own shadow issues. One must not deny or reject the darkness and shadow themes. It is important to accept (your own) darkness, to dissolve it and to transform it into light and unconditional love. The point is that the soul is incarnated here in order to transform the sum of all its traumatic experiences (also from other lives) and to bring them into healing. Only in this way can we reach our full creative power and are able to accept our full creative power, as it corresponds to our divine right. All of this is the true purpose and meaning of our incarnation on earth.

Note: This is where the divine tools come into play, with which we can liberate ourselves from dark manipulations and shields, for example by mentally expanding our lightsaber and severing shields or using our divine scepter to remove implants and other dark installations from our astral body . In advance we say:

I am now activating my divine tools.

Sirian love greetings Manu, Janett & Daniel



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  1. Yet again, so long as “I” get out of the way, the breath of life is nurtured and that which my spirit needs manifests right before my eyes… thank you for posting this, as I am in the midst of this battle, clearing that which no longer serves my higher good or simply does not belong. Kinda like a rock in your shoe, are you gonna keep walking or are you gonna do the work, take the shoe off and get the darn rock out of there cause it does not belong…
    Peace, love, and light to you and yours

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