Empathy and the need for alignment and Balance!

Empathy and the need for alignment and balance!

◾Have you ever been taken off guard by your own empathy?

◾Have you ever seen in someone the greatness they fail to see in themselves?

◾Have you ever felt something so deep for someone who needed love and support, only to be left feeling completely energetically drained and empty?

◾Are you able to feel the pain of others you love so deeply, even at a distance, that you feel like you are going crazy sometimes?

◾Are you sometimes struggling with how to deal with being overly empathetic towards others who seem to be stuck in one place in almost all areas of their lives?

◾Do you get frustrated because you seem to be doing all the work of directing others’ lives, yet you get push-back on any and all suggestions, even if those suggestions are well known success principles that work for anyone who embraces them?

If any of this sounds like you, then you may be an out of balance Empath.

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