Together We Rise, Free

There is a call that has gone unanswered, ringing distant but clear.

A penetrating voice yet to be expressed, that aches to be heard.

A beating of hearts moving in unison to create a dynamic world, that are left broken and defeated.

For the lizard, stealthy, sly, manipulative, has patiently woven a tapestry of lies.

A profoundly superficial society not focused on truth, but rather distraction and greed.

Removed from the mother they walk upon, rarely tasting her love and bounty.

They see not their strengths and similarities, But rather their differences which make them weak.

This weakness, the lizard, in his arrogant all-knowingness, preys upon ignorance and innocence alike.

Sucking beauty, love, purity and joy, from the people, and from the mother who hosts them.

Empty hearts and weak minds reign and rule, roots no longer connect them to each other and the divine.

Resources and enhancement of living, go undeveloped and suppressed.

Supporting the lie, that the people are weak without their lizard lord.

Slavery was eradicated years ago?

I think not!

Slavery to the system is all the rage, and is celebrated at every turn!

The system of those who were meant to serve, rising up to call themselves masters.

The system of education, indoctrinating the mind instead of the nurturing the heart.

The system of financial exchange of abundance, ran solely by manipulative forces feeding only their own.

 The health and wellness system, forced to comply with corrupt masters.

What will it take to break these bonds of slavery?

Will we go on forever allowing such atrocities to dictate our every move?

Or will rise up choosing to enter the heart, where truth has lain dormant?

Will we throw off the chains of tyranny, destroy the lizard on our back, and claim our birthright of sovereignty?

The focus of our petty differences isn’t what frees us,

Oh my brother, Oh my sister.

Will you see?

That Separate we are powerless,

But together we rise, FREE! 

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