Could you comment on Kim Goguen’s Report?

Dear Corey, 

I have been following your work for many years and I consider your work seminal in my personal development. Many thanks for your service to humanity!

I would like to share that recently I came across the work of Kimberly Ann Goguen and would very much like to hear your views on her work. 

Here is the latest ground breaking report she shared with the world:

With gratitude, 


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  1. Is it really necessary for any of us to expect Corey to pay attention to every such person and their claims? He’s busy with his own work and mission with many new ventures in store for this year. IMO, we must continue to develop our own ability to discern who and what we deem as valid, taking what resonates and leaving the rest, looking within (the inner work never ends) rather than relying on the external show that can too easily become an addiction.

    When we ask someone we trust and admire such as Corey what he thinks about this person or that narrative, are we just hoping he’ll validate or discredit what we want to believe so that we don’t have to figure it out ourselves? I think we all know this is not the easy path we’re on. The evolution of the soul and the heart is an ongoing journey.

    You may notice that Corey takes a firm stand on those who twist and deceive concerning his own experiences and the updates he is getting from the SSP Alliance. He does not tell us what to think. If we are determined to guard our own “truths,” which are actually the same thing as our own distortions, don’t you think we are thereby constricting ourselves within them? Perhaps nothing should be held too close as sacred, and we can be willing to let go of these traps through which we enslave ourselves.

    When all is said and done, we’re each bound to make mistakes along the way, and that’s perfectly ok! Those are the lessons well learned, and they keep us humble.

  2. I would like to know also what Corey thinks about Kim Goguen. She claims she is ground command for earth which is part of universal council. I don’t recall her saying that Trump was the anti Christ but she did say he was part of the “Black Sun”. Though Trump was and is part of a huge catalyst that has helped humanity to wake up. Kim claims she has access to the system, financial and other aspects of humanity and her role is to try to stop the cabal’s genocides plan of the Great reset. She’s been trying to stop all vaccine’s on the planet and trying to start a restoration plan for the earth. She works with some inner earth and galactic groups. Again, Trump has helped millions. Just wish those 2 would have a heart to heart conversaton!!

  3. Q1: After listening to one of her videos; if she thinks Trump is the anti Christ what does she think Biden is?  Considering he’s not even holding a position currently but, the Deep State is very worried about his comeback, why is she bashing Trump when Biden is the one running this country into the ground?
    Q2: Can you address these?

    1. There are some things I would like Corey’s opinion on but he has made it very clear that he’s not a guru.  So, we shouldn’t look to him to bless everything before we can decide for ourselves if it is to be believed.

      1. You are totally right KS, but all the same, I am interested to hear his take on this major development. Personally I have given a leap of faith and I am collaborating with Kim. I think her work is so important that someone like Corey could help by sharing his perspective on it.

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