“You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink.”

It’s a old saying. Not ancient, but, I’m sure there is an equivalent analogy anciently with the same meaning.

This analogy might be seen as something like, “You can show someone something that will benefit him, but you can’t force him to accept it. People, like horses, will do as they will.”

It’s a real conundrum (difficult question or problem) of what to do. When you feel you’ve become more awake and aware of the world around you, like never before in all your experience, it seems the first thing people want to do is shout from the rooftops the wonderful news. It’s natural, especially for third density positive people to want to “share” with other selves. Right?

Third density negative would want to keep the new information and knowledge secret and find a way to use it to benefit themselves and improve their status at the expense of others. They think of others as the competition and certainly not as another part of themselves.

I was, a majority of my life, oblivious to how the world worked. I was informed that there were those who “have” and those who “have not”. You work if you want to “have”. Later, becoming aware of how fundamentally controlled I had been and how basically kept from the “truth” of things, was a real slap in the face and took a good bit of time to digest.

That said, and moving on……… The sharing of this series of thoughts and their accompanying emotions has been a challenge. With realization and a seeking for answers…….. some positive things have resulted that I’d like to offer as something that has helped me.

Drink of it if and when you want. I’m taking a stand to not live in fear. Share what I want and let things happen as they will. May you find something for you to share as well.

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