The Journey / The Hiker/ The Experience

Hiking/Journeying/Experiencing has been a passion. Perhaps for you too, as well. 

The Mountain’s top is an analogy for reaching a Goal/Summit. The Hiker is each of us on a Journey of discovery and remembering. Those who may have Wandered before, may find the Experience easier each time we seek a new Opportunity to achieve the Energy Surge of Accomplishment.

The ME (Mind Eternal) that is on the Hike/Journey is Experiencing it as an Observer. The physical looking around, the steep paths, obstacles, views of grandeur, the struggle, the resting places found, the energy expended, the conditioning. So much of the analogy of a hike can be expanded to go beyond time/space and space/time to an infinite degree.

Seeing the little things can open ME (Mind Eternal) to greater Joy, Fun, and Excitement. Welcome to The Experience. 

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