Stepping away from being “Anonymous”

I had to admit to myself that it was a degree a fear that kept me on the sidelines. 

As a group/group consciousness…….. knowing I’ve felt fear…….. others have as well.

My meditation today will be to think of the power fear has/had over my decision/decisions.

Can I release fear and will I release fear. The rest of todays decisions will reveal the answer.

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  1. To Corey, etal,
    I have followed you all for years. Recently Dr. Salla has picked up a lot of new contact info which seems to be in conflict with the instructions coming from Micca. Reconciling these differences will take some time. The three corporate leaders that have been chosen to build out the supposedly needed technologies will have a lot to prove to get beyond their past orientations – which fall into the kinds of advancements that Micca mentioned that had trapped their progress for the past 200 years. It will be interesting to see how these two narratives diverge or reconnect??

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