Spiritual Medicine: The antidote for negative behavior.

As we age in the 3D physical world, many generations, especially the baby boomers and great generation are well conditioned to take medicine of some type. We’re programed to think of the body as a machine that needs to be “oiled” with some concoction to sustain our existence. X,Y,Z and Millennials, not so much…… yet.

We are programed to accept this behavior. Media, the “Medicine” Industry, and doctors associations have a business model that supports massive influence over this behavior. The largest employer in the state where I live is in Health Care. Thousand of humans support their families through this mechanism.We have been conditioned to support it and the fear of dis-ease is most often why it is so supported.

Don’t get me wrong, I almost passed in February of 2020, and would not have survived without help from a great team of doctors and nurses.

The point of this post. Spiritual Medicine will now come into greater focus, especially if you wish to live on a more positive path. Recognizing a spiritual dis-ease will be easier to recognize as we transition into a new paradigm of 4D thinking/being. The negative connotation of even using the term disease seems so obvious, but it is a term we’re conditioned to be familiar with. Lets turn that conditioning into a more positive track.

As Corey has stated, for about 12000 years the planet has been on a negative time line. We have abdicated our control and sovereignty for far to long, mostly because our true spiritual nature is trusting and co-operative.

However our true Self is far beyond 4D and is now transitioning from the negative lessons to the positive lessons.

Negative influence has dominated for long enough. Free will has given many of us some very valuable lessons in the negative experience, but our higher selves are directing us to “move beyond” this condition.

Without listing the negative symptoms of spiritual disease and give such a list too much attention, the following are obvious antidotes to that dis-ease.

These and dozens more that can and will be used as antidotes to negative behavior patterns:

Empathy, Compassion, Friendliness, Sharing, Honesty

Self Control, Stillness, Sovereignty, Kindness

The process of changing our situation is obvious. Starting with these little steps of recognition of the negative influence……. and then applying an antidote….. is the process to start and continue on the path to “Oneness”. We have 4D and 5D to work most of it out. It can be fun to do and not perceived as work. This is medicine that tastes “GOOD”. Just smile at several someones / other selves today and you will get the healing feeling I’m talking about.

Now go take your medicine…… LOL

This post was triggered by reading from the “Ascension Glossary” by Lisa Renee. She is one of many who have influenced me in positive ways.

Photo Credit: aanmc.org and findiocal-company.com

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