Seeing into what is the Soul

In seeking some insight on what is the Soul, I came across the following.

In a Question to Ra regarding the using of nuclear weapons in Session 26.22, Ra responded with a statement that described one of the services/functions/responsibilities/roles that Ra feels toward the 3D beings that are effected, and this is my interpretation of this exchange.

The service described would be to help in “the integration of souls or spirits, if you will, in the event of use of these nuclear devices in your space/time continuum. This the Confederation has already done.”

The integration from space/time to time space ( My interpretation = From living in 3D physical to transitioning to 3D spiritual…… the death of the body and going to a location of spirit. Being no longer a Mind-Body-Spirit Complex, but a Mind/Spirit Complex.

That spirit location would be determined by the mind/spirit to be, for example…. In Christian terms perhaps a heaven or hell….. or to Source, or light…. or a status yet to be fully understood

“Therefore, we are offering ourselves as those who continue the integration of soul or spirit complex during transition from space/time to time/space.”

Soul in those two statements, thus is described as the “spirit complex” ………… and as “spirit”.

Expanding on this study I think that one way to look at our situation is:

Intelligent Infinity = Mind complex = Thought/Creation

Soul = Spirit complex

Body= Physical complex

In 1D and 2D it is dominated by Body Complex

Mind and spirit is introduced by the development of “consciousness and awareness”

3D and 4D is dominated by Body/Spirit and continuing development of Mind. Both positive and negative polarity. Negative dominates

5D still Body/Spirit with positive polarity and more Mind in evidence. By late 5D the negative begins to realize that to transition to 6D the negative polarity must be eliminated eventually.

in early 6D the Body/Spirit becomes less important and negativity becomes rare…… and middle and late 6D is dominantly positive polarity.

7D is totally positive polarity and body has transitioned to light.

Just sharing some random thoughts today……… Share yours if you feel inclined to do so.

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