Say to Yourself “I AM WORTHY!” and Believe It.

It was brought to my attention that there was a very important message that I can give myself to help with “Inner Work”. In “The Ra Material” in the same paragraph, it is pointed out that “misapprehension” is a blockage to improvement of “Self”, as well as feeling “unworthiness”.

Who hasn’t felt apprehension? Who hasn’t felt unworthy? It’s a part of the 3D experience of everyone it seems.

Apprehension is a pleasant and tame word for what most would describe as the beginnings phase of energy flow leading to outright fear.

Misapprehension is a mistaken belief.

So it seems that the mistaken belief that causes fear is the blockage Ra is referring to. That mistaken belief is that you are unworthy.

It seems totally logical that to overcome this belief of unworthiness you and I can totally accept that you/I are indeed worthy. WHY IS THAT SO HARD?

Ra explains that there are NO mistakes. Everything that occurs does so for a completely growth motivated reason. Who or what is growing? You/Me !!!

You learn from all experiences. You can overcome the predictive programing of the negatively oriented controllers around you. You can overcome the years of negatively oriented learning where you have learned from family, friends and the controlled curriculum of the eduction system. “They” too made no mistakes. It was what they thought to be “right”.

Now…….. You and I can see things differently. You ARE worthy.

Change your mind! Change your world. Change from victim to self control. You and I are WORTHY because we did nothing more than go with the flow of what we were exposed to. However, all this time, YOU were in charge and I was in charge of how we learned……… from the experiences we’ve had. You made NO mistakes…… WE simply learned a lesson that would be of value to US.

Think about it. Meditate on it. YOU are WORTHY!!!!

YOU are in charge. You have the power of controlling how you view things. Use that understanding to begin and/or continue the inner work to mold yourself into the “being” you want to be. I will do the same.

12.31 RA: “The unworthiness distortion blocks the free flow of intelligent energy.”

Remove that block. You are worthy. Believe it. Accept it. Let the energy of creation flow in and feel it re-connect to the infinite bond that has been obscured by the temporary block your now aware you can remove.

12:31 RA: “The solution to healing in this case is action that puts into practice the peaceful understanding in humility distortion that the entity is one with the Creator, therefore perfected and not separate.”

Become humble and accept the fact that you are one with the creator, therefore perfected and not seperate.



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