One Light Bulb Moment

Many in the current generation will not relate to this experience, some will. I just love the analogy. Both of the Light Bulb Moment” or “Ah-HA” moment, and the learning process.

I remember learning to drive a stick shift car in the mid 1960’s. Age – about 15.

It was….. as they say, “A Process”. My first experience was with the gear shift on the steering column, later, it was a floor gear shift.

The process:

While holding the steering wheel with the left hand, the right hand was in contact with the gear shifter. The left foot was on the far left floor pedal, the clutch. Next to the clutch pedal was the break pedal, where you had the right foot positioned to keep the car from moving during this beginning process. On the far right was the gas pedal for later use. Ya with me so far?

Once all the hands and feet were in their proper position and the car had been turned on with an actual “key”, and not a fob, the fun began.

Left foot pushes clutch pedal downward. Right hand puts gear shift from the neutral position to the first gear position. The clutch pedal is slowly allowed to rise under the left foot while the right foot moves carefully off the break pedal to push down the gas pedal. The synchronicity of this flow of motion was critical to reaching the next stage.

If all these motions went smoothly, you began to move forward. (Moving backward is a whole new story). If the timing was not synchronistic, the process come to an abrupt halt and the motor would quit.

As an analogy, can you see how this process may mirror life?

When the synchronicities where recognized and acted on with the mechanisms of the vehicle, in a coordinated fashion, progress went smoothly. If not….. if you really wanted to get somewhere, you needed to start over. Only this time you could start over with the knowledge gained from the first experience.

The process continues ( although you are now in motion) through the second gear, third gear and on some vehicles a fourth gear. Never mind talking about reverse, a whole additional story.

The Light Bulb Moments were flashing on brightly when I could finally wrap my brain around the steps I needed to go through in order to have a smooth transition of motions. Each step built on the success or failure of each preceding experience.

One of many lessons: Don’t expect the light bulb to turn on right away. Its a process. However, when it does turn on……enjoy the moment and keep going.

IMHO the ultimate and brightest light is when you know, “We are one with all creation”. Understanding that is also a process.

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