Love as Appreciation

It was a mind experiment for me to spend some time and mental effort to contemplate the concept of Love as Appreciation. Perhaps you’d find value in doing the same.

As a noun, appreciation is described as:

A. Recognition of the quality, value, significance, or magnitude of people and things.

B. A judgment or opinion, especially a favorable one.

C. An expression of gratitude.

D. Increase in value.

In a “Law of One” sense, I believe it fair to equate the two words as expressing an understanding of the basic concepts of both words. A balance is sought between the negative and positive attention we give to and how we use those terms, however, the path from third to fourth, fifth and sixth density vibration positive, will see them in a more positive perspective.

To say to someone “I love you”, can easily be equated to “I appreciate you”.

To say “I want to be appreciated” can also be thought of as “I want to be loved”.

To have someone hug you or shake your hand and say “I appreciated you” seems to elicit the same reaction as if they said “I love you”. For you to sincerely do the same thing to someone else would seem to express the same feelings.

As an experiment, I’d encourage you to try the interchanging these terms, as seems appropriate, to the situations you find yourself in daily life and see if you discover some good vibe feelings returning to you when you can express these “sound vibrations” to others in your life.

PS: Your comments/feedback is appreciated. 😉

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