Higher Selfs Great Gift & The Intuitive Connection

I can’t think of a gift that brought me greater inner happiness than to realize, after living this human life for over a half century, that eternity was not only my Reality but the Reality of everything around me. Now, having lived another quarter century since the news/gift, I only recently overcame the dysfunctional fear created by my surroundings that kept me fearful from sharing that news far and wide.

I know I’m” singing to the choir” here in this group, but my intuition said to me… that I could also let others know my experience, so that they would be encouraged to express that message themselves by beginning their sharing at perhaps a much younger age.

Growth comes in not only knowing about this creative being-ness, but in overcoming the fear of sharing it. I can only recommend this, because free will is paramount, but expressing your intuition/awareness beyond what goes on in your head is so cathartic, relieving, energizing and encouraging.

Corey did not want his “being the source” of important information known for many years. Being outed forced the step forward toward overcoming the fear of that exposure. I feel certain that when he realized his immortal nature, that fear was lessoned. Now to see Stacy do likewise, to step forward and share her experiences, is so fun to watch their growth.

Being here at ascentionworkstv is an opportunity for many to step forward and test the waters of coming forward in the the expression of your own coming out of fear. I encourage more and more people to share their moment of peace. The peace that comes when your Intuition,Higher Self is able to acknowledge your eternal nature.

PS: I have a son just slightly older than Corey and have so enjoyed the feeling that they are brothers, not closely by blood but by spirit. I guess that is why I have so closely watched, (observed) their growth and change. It’s actually been something fun for this “old-man”.

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  1. I can relate to you as someone being a little longer living on this planet (born 1957), attempting to keep in step with younger generations, so please don’t feel alone, you got a friend(s). On personal and individual levels, human beings are not being told the reason for appearing on this planet, so we depend on history to tell us along with the chaos of those actively living in the present who respectively are making history for future generations. The “Absolute Relationship to Life” for me entails the perspective that embraces everything, (as you so eloquently said, quote; eternity was not only my Reality but the Reality of everything around me). Humanity juggle’s around in dualism, to be or not to be, to speak or keep silent, the world of light and these distinctions are limited, not absolute. The challenge to let everything be as it is as if nothing at all had ever happened, in retrospect was what the inner journey was all about, where unlimited space, peace, silence, and choiceless awareness could rest in the positivity of not knowing.

  2. Wow. NICE! .
    Through exploration I found myself with intense feeling of exposure. They were only feelings. Because of it, I consciously deconstructed emotionally over the course of several years. A plan for return to awareness sent me here. I chose this to be a full on experience. It was ordered intentionally from my perspective for alleviation of depression. This has been most helpful
    in manner and respect. Thank You

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