Exploring Connections

What is a Soul? How can it be lost, sold or stolen? That was what I was thinking about.

Those were questions I had for myself this morning. Then, perhaps it was my intuition that started searching for answers/options……

My thoughts recently have been to question everything I thought I knew. Try to look at a question from an opposite or different perspective. So I dismissed my thinking that a soul had a form or shape, that it didn’t look humanoid and floaty like a spirit or ghost. Those were some of my past conceptions.

Some pictures began to enter. A visual of several things had flash and I woke up long enough to actually write down some of them. Filament/Connection/Line/Cord.

I saw a memory, as a kid, taking apart a telephone line and seeing lots of copper wires with variously colored coded coverings. The wire was small and there were about a dozed different wires. Then I flashed on Coreys depiction on the cords of the Cosmic web and then on the central nervous system pictures I’d seen in medical textbook. Then I thought of the DNA string we’re told about. Perhaps, I thought, there is also a connection with all it’s many used and un-used strands.

Then my intuition said, ah ha, “Another way to think of soul. Perhaps this is worth exploring as an option. If the soul is a connection to something, and I’ve seen all these physical picture metaphors, then I could explore some more.”

Selling or loosing connection? Ok, I thought, that makes some sense. A person could choose to cut off the connection, perhaps because of a traumatic event, of a temporary decision to not seek connection and express a totally independent attitude, or, become very distracted.

Then my mind moved on to the “sold my soul” expression I’d heard Hollywood people and others mention. Ok, I thought, that too makes some sense. Perhaps a person would purposely exchange their connection to “something” in exchange for “something”. Yea, that’s possible.

So, I’m sharing my experience here. Not to promote what I learned as positive or negative, right or wrong. It’s just a process of looking a options. I guess what I’m also saying is, I enjoy exploring, the quest, the journey, the thrill of discovery.

I think spending time to look at options is a part of the lessons of 3D/4D and beyond. I’ll be opening my mind to many more options and find what visuals and metaphors are helpful for me to grasp, and perhaps also help someone I’m sharing these words with here.

Photo Credit: philosophicalanthropology.net

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  1. “…Selling or loosing connection? Ok, I thought, that makes some sense. A person could choose to cut off the connection…”
    🙋 Very familiar with the disconnect.😁. Catatonic fear, from and to memory loss. Mine was certainly a fear cycle and a consciously decided one at that. (Catatonia was like heel skimming fast on the surface of the embodiment of fear). I’m completely over that for now, by the way. LOL.
    Without memory you cannot anchor thought and progress through concept with order. It’s a hell of a pause button. Nothing makes sense ‘in’ there. I would feel an occasional adrenaline dump, and warmth to the heart. All was emotionless to me, but internal sensations about the heart region were certainly physically felt as peripheral in nature.
    Thanks for taking that walk with me 👍🏼✌🏼

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