Ending Worry – BEEing HAPPY – Transition Your Attention off 3D Concerns and Begin Thinking in 4D/5D Terms

I just re-read the Cosmic Disclosure episode “Guiding Humanity to Ascension” and it was information packed. However, personally, I had to force my 3D mind from focusing on 3D details as is explained below.

As your aware, it is the inner work towards becoming more 4D in thinking and action that is to be my/our prime focus. A major reason for being in this group is that we seem to be on the same page in this regard, and 3D concerns is not where our main attention is best to be focused.

I’ve felt for some time that, along with the rest of us, Corey too is reminded that the 3D stuff is often “of no consequence” (S6E13), as Ra would say in “Law of One” terms.

Corey: “The whole message is for people to stop looking for savior figures, to start looking inside and become your own savior. That’s what the message is, and that’s what I’m living by.”

“Our temporal reality right now is being decided upon, and there are constantly changes that are occurring because of us and our co-creative consciousness.”

“If we don’t go through a process of forgiving others and forgiving ourselves, then we’re going to hit one of those glass ceilings when it comes to becoming service to others.

“When you’re making changes and healing yourself, you’re making changes to the super consciousness, a being that we’re all a part of.”

“So when you’re assisting yourself, loving yourself, you’re assisting in loving the rest of humanity as well.”

“So once we start to turn it around and start focusing on ourselves and the negative things that we need to focus on, we’ll be able to guide ourselves onto this optimal temporal reality that Tear Eir was communicating about. It is the best case scenario for our collective consciousness.”

“Tear Eir made it very clear that a very small number of people can act as a rudder for the rest of our collective consciousness, because everyone else is in such disarray that the people like in this community, and some others that are awakening and coming together, they have more power in their co-creative abilities than they know.”

“And when two, three, four people start getting together and focusing on a positive intent, then we are creating that positive future.”

“The person sitting home right now watching this show, they have interaction with many people in their life. And if they can have an effect on the co-creative consciousness of one, two, three people in their lives, that’s a major effect that they’re having overall.”

“And then for a few moments we went into some more personal things. I was wanting to know what percentage Service-to-Others I was. I was very disappointed at the response. And then I was asking about people around me and asking more about what we have to do to become worthy of the 300,000 or make that number grow. And it came back to him saying that there were all . . . we all were holding on to too many third-density issues, and that once we learn to let those go, then it’s going to be much easier for this energetic change to have a positive effect on us. We are all being forced to look in these dark corners of our soul and at these different incidents in our life that we have assigned so much power to. People, if they’ve been abused by certain people when they were a child, they may be 40 years old now, but if they have not forgiven that person and dealt with that energy, that person has the same power over them now than they did when they were abusing them.”

*The above quotes are from Cosmic Disclosure Season 6 Episode 10

BOTTOM LINE: We are more powerful in manifesting our future than we are yet able to wrap our minds around, however we do seem to be on the right track. For me, it is not as important to meet Micca or his people, as it is to understand the process they went through, see where we can play a part in processing the change around us, keep our focus off the 3D distractions, and plan for our reaction and activity when the Big event happens. These bits of information can greatly add to our understanding and inspire our focus. FWIW

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