Do Spirit Workers Come in Waves???

Generational names;

The Lost Generation — born 1883-1900. …

The Greatest Generation — born 1901-1924. …

The Silent Generation — born 1925-1945. …

Baby Boomer Generation — born 1946-1964. …

Generation X — born 1965-1980. …

Generation Y — born 1981-1996. … Millennials

Generation Z — born 1997-2012. …

Generation Alpha — born 2013-2025.

Note: Dates are approximate and there is some overlap because there are no standard definitions for when a generation begins and ends.

I’ve been wondering if each generation has had a unique mission and been comfortable with it’s own unique vibration or frequency. Each seems to have one. A unique physical experience for growth and spiritual heritage.

It’s possible that at any one point in time, all the above are represented. Children to Centurions.

The Greatest Generation have few still alive. My generation, the baby-boomers are thinning out as well.

I’m getting excited about the (A) Alpha generation. Those just beginning school and younger. They seem so sharp and alert. Marisa’s (stepdaughter’s) two children, 5 and 4, seem so alert and have cognitive skills that make me often think, WOW.

I’m most concerned with the Y and Z generations. Growing up with so many distractions and distortions , that I’d call “anomalies”. TV’s, Phones, Movies, World Events, Music, Education, etc., etc. Suicide, drama, and emotion seems so very much on the surface.

A reflection on generations and cultures:

I’m drawn to the cultures that revere experience, Some have the grandparents raise the child through specific phases of maturity and growth.

Other segments of societies have had male influence almost disappear and single woman raise families almost alone. Lots of other dynamics in between.

There are generations that seem enlightened and others easily distracted. We can all think of examples of both. Each generational division pictured have played a unique part in the design of Earths enlightenment or lack thereof….. Just another thought that needs more contemplation.

PS; This is viewed from my USA perspective and I realize others will see things from a

different perspectives.

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  1. From my understanding the star seeds were planted here to assist in raising the vibration of the planet. I do believe that the older generation did not nearly have as many ascended beings incarnated then the present day due to the global consciousness at the time or it just wasn’t a good opportunity for them at the time of their lifespan. I’m sure there are many many factors involved to which a being incarnates into a cycle.

    1. Cody, thanks for your thoughts on this subject. It seems we choose a fractal spot in time mostly for the lessons that time fractal will let us experience. Hope you continue to give us your thoughts on these topics.

      1. the Crystal cave is reached thru your consciousness….relax in a chair open your mind and drift like a leaf on a stream.. I came upon an opening in front of me , it slowly formed into a ruff circle with a pitch dark center…as you go into this you feel a VERY solemn I continued to walk forward I noticed that the cave turned to the left and opened up.
        all the while feeling VERY solemn ( like step lightly…) on the walls and floor and ceiling glittered bright sparkles of light jewels everywhere and the like took on a golden sheen.
        looking at the beck of this cave up on the ceiling in the left corner was a opening…..
        looking upon this opening poured a golden light (WE KNOW THIS LIGHT WELL)……
        I remember that I just bowed my head in silent reverence for a few minutes bathing in the glow (I get teared up just thinking this) then I moved past this and came to looking at MT. Rushmore..
        the presidents heads I viewed from a front upper right looking down at them at night
        then these sparks of light from the sky started to land on the heads, lighting up where they landed
        until all the heads where covered with them ( like in a Avatar) …it was beautiful.
        then my gaze shifted to the front of the four Presidents and at the base I saw Heaps of gold.
        after which this faded away…..only to find myself in my chair looking at the clock and thinking (how much time DID just pass) I thought only 20 minutes but it was like an hour later.

        as far as that other subject ..let me give it some thought , I have been gathering info on this but have to put together in my head.

        1. WOW….. Super interesting visual created by your descriptions. A powerful experience indeed. I could see being there along side you, Thanks for sharing Scott. Sharing is cathartic. I’m certain many in this group will relate. Let your Intuition guide you on the other subject….. no worry, no hurry .

        2. Okay each lightworker has a task to perform in this world. And each lightworker that comes into this world has a Pacific Specialties at they have to add to the collective consciousness. Now each lightworker paves the path for the next one behind them. Now the first lightworkers had it the toughest. Keep in mind that lightworkers are coming from a higher dimension to a lower dimension and the first lightworkers had it the toughest. It’s like living like a cloud finding that you need to come down and Live Like a Rock to help the other rocks and then you can come back as a cloud again it’s that tough. Now each light worker has a special task to perform or put in another way musically that each lightworker has a certain note to add to this musical scale and each to lightworker that comes into the world next note up in that scale. Now it’s lightworker Sports the other lightworkers in a gold ring. So it’s up to the light workers as a whole to recognize this note and added to the Grand Matrix of Our Lives and also to recognize other lightworkers and work alongside them to support them and how Quest. No one being higher are lower than the rest but all working as one and depending how the notes are arranged it’s what kind of music we will be able to play. Hope this helps.

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