Ascending Inward : Improvement by Doing Inner Work

Repost: A different way to see the Ascension process.

It never hurts to question the approach we take to learn more about the study of the self and the Higher Self.

I may be incorrect in assuming that most people think about improvement being in an upward direction, but that has been my experience. Higher grades in school (from F to A) and different grade levels( from kindergarten to HS Senior and beyond). Climbing the corporate ladder, higher rank in the military. There are many more examples, but you get the idea.

I think I’ve become a bit paranoid, in that I’ve found that much of what I’ve/we’ve learned while on this negative timeline has been corrupted, changed, covered-up, lied about, reversed and any other ways to keep us from learning the true nature of this mind/body/spirit reality.

Like a magician, who needs to distract your attention in order to make his actions seem magical, the most controlling entities in this reality will use whatever means necessary to keep others from seeing the motives behind their control.

Our realization that a positive time line is soon to gain momentum and clarity can now increasingly motivate us to un-do what we thought we knew, we can look at knowledge differently, education differently, pleasure and pain differently, etc., etc.

Now to look at ascension differently. My thanks to being introduced to the writings of Arn Allingham of Knysna, South Africa. Writing under the name of “Zingdad”, “Zing” being his dog and dad as being the dogs adopted parent. It was his internet pseudonym and he kept it when writing the book.

It is Arns’ book “The Ascension Papers” that I recommend introducing yourself to. My thanks also to whomever introduced me to the book, I think someone from this group did just a few weeks ago.

I find it refreshing to look at the journey to discover the mystery of ME (Mind-Eternal) is a process to learn about what is needed to search inward to re-unite with the “One”. The process develops in stages and being 3D/4D and my Higher/Inner Self being 6D, the connection will take place by way of introduction to each inward view of what I think, how I feel, what my goal is, who is in charge of the process and how to go about discovering the knowledge base to accomplish it ALL.

First, I accept that  “I AM”  the “ONE”. Just as you will also accept that you are the “ONE”. At some point on the inward journey I believe we will discover and accept the feeling that we are but a fractal of the “ONE”. Also, that it has been a beautiful opportunity to contribute our fractal experience, as a piece of a puzzle, to the recognition that the Big Picture Me and has always been “ME”/(MIND ETERNAL), INTELLIGENT INFINITY. THE ONE. 

I certainly will be giving my Intuition and Higher/Inner Self a great deal more attention. Thanks everyone here for joining me on the inward journey.

Note: Caps for emphasis, not to shout.

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  1. Cool.
    I’m thinking that history is always written by the dominant culture and in that sense the individual controls their own understanding of perception.
    The ‘positive timeline’ will still contain the magicians, although the trick will have passed from being an open secret, as it is becoming today, to a relic of fear and isolation.
    My Intuition connects me with ME through its flow from the eternal.
    Me as a fractal appreciates the community that reminds me of who ‘I’ am.
    Thank you

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