Denver Planetarium presentation on the solar system 

Corey, just visited the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and caught the planetarium show ‘Cosmic Journey.’  Only 30 mins long but visits our 9 planets with very limited information. 

As I watched I remembered all kinds of stuff you and DW talked about years ago on your show.   Since you’re developing video games how about considering developing educational ones regarding our solar system based on real science.  Ones that include the truer history of our planets, what life really exists on them and their moons.  What they really are like on the surface.  Etc.  

I sat in that auditorium nodding my head hearing everything in our solar system is lifeless and dead.  They didn’t even mention the asteroid belt or all the planets past Pluto. And they said the scar on Mars was from ‘heat swelling’’ under the surface.   Argh!!

Wouldn’t it be awesome to educate people/ kids with the truth?  Not the same crap we were programmed.  Assemble all the known info on the planets and moons.  The truth about the sun.  The true size of our neighborhood.  Etc. 

Ohio Distinctive Software made one back in the 90’s. They are OOB now but they had a basic one that was great for grade schoolers.  We need one for adults with all the bells and whistles. 

Just an idea,


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