Unprecedented Breaking Update – Timelines: Earth Liberation Battles and the Solar Micro-Nova

The SSP Alliance and the Global Galactic League of Nations (GGLN) received a pretty major briefing from Emmi (Eyosian/Zulu ET Race) several months ago about the upcoming timeline of the liberation of our Solar System. This briefing was delivered on the behalf of the New Guardians who until now had been the most mysterious of the Guardians.

The information was full of details that we were told to keep confidential until the right time. I was shocked to receive a message this morning that I was authorized to release a brief summary of the timeline briefing with more to come in the following months and years as clearance is granted. Never before had we been given the details of future events in our briefings let alone been authorized to share them with the masses.

The GGLN, the SSP Alliance, and our ET Allies are currently clearing the damage done by the Orion Group and its allies, including the Dark Fleet – who has given humanity a very bad name in much of our Galaxy. The GGLN-led armada is working its way from the outer rim of our Galaxy to Earth, undoing as much of the damage the Orion Group and the Dark Fleet have caused. In some cases, Dark Fleet personnel have been delivered to star systems to be tried for crimes against that civilization. It apparently takes the GGLN-led armada until the year 2025 – in our timeframe – to work their way back to begin liberating their own Solar System.

Meanwhile, during this entire timeline, the surface population of Earth deals with more and more end times madness behavior due to the increased solar activity which also creates earthquakes and storms that seem to become more frequent and powerful. We see humanity dealing more and more with totalitarian governments who use disease and potential wars to strip away their rights as a transhumanist agenda is forced upon a population that is not in its right mind.

The battle on the surface of the Earth and a positive timeline is still ours to win or lose, it is a battle that will be fought all the way until the solar micro-nova occurs in 2033/34. The micro-nova is not an Extinction Level Event as some are reporting, though there will be significant upheavals and natural disasters that occur. Strange Mandela effects pick up as we get closer to the solar event causing further confusion in an already chaotic environment. When the actual micro-nova occurs it is so powerful that the exact time and date cannot be pinpointed even with all of these other details being given to me with complete confidence by the Eyosians while in the presence of the New Guardians.

Emmi had called a meeting with the leaders of the GGLN and SSP Alliance where – for the first time – the Guardians shared future events. The New Guardians shared that the Galactic Timeline had shifted in our favor and that there was nothing the Orion Group, their Allies, or their AI God could do to prevent their defeat. While the Galaxy seems to have entered its own most positive timeline, each solar system still has its own choice to make.

From the years 2028 – 2033, the surface population is slowly introduced to the concept of a new ET group – The Galactic Federation of Worlds. Eventually, towards 2032 this ET group reveals itself to the population of Earth while defending the Earth against holographically generated enemies and warning us of a mass invasion of our solar system. They use deception to gather the military forces of the Earth to fight against the incoming GGLN-led forces and their ET Allies.

When the micro-nova occurs it locks in the timeline that Humanity has chosen. Even though all of the transhumanist technologies will be destroyed in the solar event, the intent of the mass consciousness will have chosen a positive or not-so-positive timeline as we move into the next solar cycle – one that is now of a 4th density vibration. We were told that even if Humanity chose a negative timeline once again, it would be the last one possible due to the energetic changes of our Sun and this region of the Galaxy. At worst we are looking at one more cycle that will last tens of thousands of years and at best, we are about to choose the path to a spiritual rather than technological evolution that will lead our civilization into a golden age with a unified 4th density mass consciousness.

The Operation to Liberate the Solar System 2025-2033/34:

Sentinel LOS (Lunar Operation Station) to be liberated in 2025 – Way station that monitors traffic and activity from a super gate (Galactic Portal) outside of our Solar System

The battle to liberate Mars occurs at the end of the year 2025. The ZULU/Eyosians transport the Wandering Star and a small fleet of GGLN and SSP Alliance Ground Forces to Mars as the larger GGLN-led fleet enters the solar system to confront the armada of Orion Group and Galactic Federation of Worlds vessels who have gathered around Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. A fierce battle ensues between these space armadas from 2025-2032 as the allies root out every vessel and breach every base that the Orion Group and their allies have inhabited for tens of thousands of years. Most of the ET bases exist within dimensional pockets that have to be invaded and ‘collapsed’ one by one.

Ceres Station, the ICC mining operation, and their automated defense system in the ‘Asteroid Belt’ are liberated in 2026 allowing the GGLN and SSP Alliance fleet to push further into the solar system and face Orion Group and Galactic Federation of Worlds fleets that are left in the inner solar system.

The GGLN-led forces invade the Moon to liberate the LOC base complex and to remove all negative alien bases in the year 2027. Liberating the Moon finally ends the increasing Alien Abductions of millions of people on the surface of the planet carried out by the Orion Group – Grey Alien Biodroids.

In 2028, after the battle to liberate the Moon and the LOC, the GGLN had the intel they needed to invade the ICC Space Port in Antarctica and then fight their way down through the Space Port and then miles down into the Earth’s crust as they follow the tunnel networks that lead from the Space Port to dozens of ICC and Orion Group DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases). This battle then leads down to the vast Inner Earth realms and lasts until 2032.

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  1. According to law of one, Ra states this is the final major cycle for 3rd density, and those of humanity that’re unharvestable are moved to other planets. How can you say planet earth will have yet another cycle to retry 3rd density for humanity after it has already transitioned?

  2. Really, breaking news! Thank you, Corey! Already translated and posted in the Russian Telegram group. Two questions were raised there: 1. What should be done to correct collective karma? 2. If it is corrected properly (by 2032), will the Solar Event not harm us? The first one I could answer in major (firstly, to share this info; 2ndly, to leave all religions; thirdly, to be own individual example to others despite of all, in 4th “Ra. Law of One” said not less than 51% of service to others, purity in all senses (lots of aspects), etc.). On 2nd question, I have my own thoughts, but I wouldn`t speculate, thus asking here at the origin. Thanks for your support.

  3. This timeline reflects what was shown to Laura Leon, that the cabal have another virus planned, more deadly than last and will demand all be vaccinated against it tying all or most benefits and privileges to only those vaxxed and ai chips implanted into humans via a visor type machine u place your head into and then basically controlled as drones.
    It will be ABSOLUTELY of UTMOST importance that we ALL RESIST and REFUSE the vax and limitations upon our freedom SIMULTANEOUSLY TO BE EFFECTIVE!
    For this we must mentally prepare and steady ourselves for the simultaneous uprising the SU!
    Go to my yt channel for more of this type dialogue and to view interesting pendulum readings…..
    Peace Love WAR ON AI!

  4. According to the Benjamin Fulford report, we are nearly rid of the Cabal that has been ruling us for thousands of years. That’s pretty good. Here in the USA and everywhere else there will be debt forgiveness (as has happened many times in the world). The Cabal’s ill-gotten gains will be seized and distributed. A new currency in the USA and elsewhere. As the Satanic ruling class is executed, a glut of mansions will flood the mansion market. Hillary had a bunch when she was hung at Gitmo. Bill was given a life sentence but was poisoned in cell at Gitmo by someone in the kitchen staff. I don’t know if that was investigated.

    Since I was a child, I was annoyed with “Federal Reserve Notes” since a note is debt. My third grade teacher explained what was on these notes. So who owes what to whom, I wondered? Do I owe money, that was disconcerting since I was only 6 years old?

    At any rate, things are about to get a whole lot better for us. Eschew the false prophets which were foretold in the Bible and prepare for greater prosperity becoming apparent in the coming weeks and months.

    I just read “Autobiography of a Yogi”, a most rewarding book available from Amazon, published in India as one might expect. We Christians and Buddists benefit from more information.

  5. Who, pray tell, was shitting on Dr. Salla’s brain? It’s getting crazier and crazier what’s coming out of this group these days.

      1. Dr. Sallas, from reading. and believing, the above report should no longer be of any interest. Likewise, Ismael Perez and many others. The Bible says there will be false prophets at this time and they are everywhere.

        1. Sorry, but sometimes you have to put it blatantly. Something like that annoys me. If I then still see how many disciples run after him with love – light – pancakes, then even more so. But there seems to be much more going on in the background. Also, he no longer thanks his wife in the usual way for her diligent work. Some may not pay attention to such things, I do. From the false prophets we have grad millions on the planet around walking. ….. and it becomes daily more. Sometimes I think that only a huge shock will wake up this humanity. But the crux is also that there is no tangible evidence of those who are credible, except for stories. Also here the saying applies “believe is not know”. (Thomas Syndrome)

          Translated with DeepL-Translator (free version)

          1. What we’re confronted with are millions of people in DENIAL. After all, all our lives everything we saw on tv, heard on the radio or read in printed material was to mislead us and form erroneous concepts. So I heard that there will be two or three days of non-stop truth on all the electronic media. I hope!

  6. Sweet! Okay, more time is a good thing. We still got stuff to clean up down here and since we are working with a handicap, more time is only good for us. Just everyone hang in there, we can do this! Thanks for the update, bro!

  7. Thank You very much for sharing this incredible Information. As Humanity seems to have been manipulated since day 1, lol ….I hope that other Nations in the Galaxies don’t judge too harshly, We are not the monsters here.

    1. From what I’ve read, the struggle we’re having is on prime time video across the galaxy and beyond. A lot of worlds are hoping we succeed. Which is not guaranteed according to Corey since our Space Force lost its first independent battle with the evil forces. At least I think it was unsupported by ETs.

      1. Hello Robert James, thanks for your reply. My answer relates to your answer above, but I can’t go to Repley, so I’ll put that in here.
        Most people will not even be aware of what you call denial. Most people are also struggling to feed their families and are currently struggling to get to sleep. As a result, they are only concerned with the small circle of their families and their care and look neither to the right nor to the left of the path.

        Still others save themselves in the religious areas, which I also count this unspeakable New Age. Love, light and pancakes have not solved any problems in my eyes. Sorry, but I’m a practitioner and I’m not into these religious or seemingly religious things. I don’t need a god to curse or beg for either. I also consider myself pretty good at this topic based on my own 10 year 24/7 contacts in here. But I think that even with a REAL disclosure, that means for me with evidence, our jaws will still drop. Guess Corey can attest to that. How much humanity is still asleep can be seen in the planetary elections at the moment. They choose their slave owners again and again. For me an absurdity and something I do not understand. You go to the streets every day for demonstrations, but if you have the chance to change something through elections, you re-elect the slave owners. Are they all crazy or do they suffer from Stockholm syndrome? In the USA it is being shown to us in detail again. Where’s the REP’s landslide victory? So far there hasn’t been much more than a gentle breeze.

        I’m afraid that when your 3-day disclosure comes, the DS will say everything is wrong and most people will believe the DS. That’s why I don’t think much of a 3-day disclosure, unless evidence is immediately put on the table. Anything else is just a quarrel. For the background (ETs) this is of course a convenient excuse for not doing anything. No question 😉 If disclosure then please in such a way that it cannot be attacked, i.e. with evidence. Without submitting any evidence, I could also claim that I was the daughter-in-law of “Dear God”. I need someone to prove me wrong. Sorry if I’m being ironic. That’s currently the big problem that Corey, David or others have, they can’t provide any evidence.

        Where does the information with the 3 days come from? How reliable is the source?

        1. Barbara, as I understand it, the Cabal media will have been muted or seized when these announcements are made. If all the Rockefellers and their cronies have been sent to GITMO, tried, convicted and hung which should be imminent, I hope, these announcements can be made.

          1. Hi Robert James, I was just thinking of you as I was debating whether to use this. Fully has once again put out its weekly report and there is one site that appears to have its approval to post Monday’s full report on Thursday afternoons. https://stillnessinthestorm.com/2022/11/full-update-benjamin-fulford-november-7th-2022-rothschilds-and-rockefellers-seek-to-surrender-as-germany-joins-planetary-liberation-alliance/
            this is this week’s one. But I don’t want to fully unravel it for you, I’m talking about a video that he has in there at the bottom under “UAPs over London”. The vid first fascinated me because of the amount of flying objects. But I ask myself the following: Why wasn’t this reported further, also in the social media? Given the amount of objects and if they are ET-like, why are they flying around so wildly and not with a certain order as you are used to?
            I’m always careful with Fully and basically just see him as a funny bird. Sometimes he hits, but often not. I’m just waiting for him that at some point not only red-blue-green-yellow-golden WDS will appear, but also purple with white dots and black. Ballerinas 🙂 But this vid got me thinking, also in view of the fact that there has been talk of an FF campaign by the DEMs in the matter of UAPs for many months.

        2. I think I saw it on Q. Besides, it just makes sense. If the White Hats want to deprogram much of the population after they have control of the media of course they’ll have to monopolize the media and tell all the gruesome information.

          1. Hello Robert James, with Q I did not see it, I have the/the also always on the observation screen, I tend however more to the Abt. of those White Hats in London toward. I like them better in the explanations. Under “media group White Hats” have the often quite interesting potcast on YT run. There it goes however less around ETs. It is however also there like with all other things: Interesting yes, but there is often a lack of concrete evidence. Where MWH already brings plenty, because they deal with the history of the planet more.

            What bothers me again and again is that it is too one-sidedly all related to the USA. The USA may think it is, but it is not the navel of the world. I see it more as a destroyer. They never really did anything for the countries where they invaded. Not in any of those countries. Always just pursued their own interests. One of the reasons why I always advocate translations into other languages as well. The full disclosure must be readable and audible for all people, otherwise it brings nothing and only divides. In the same way, I see the social media, such as Telegram, Truth, etc. where you currently can not get in as a European. Or only with a huge stranglehold. That’s exactly how it is with the things that are behind the payment barriers. 2/3 of humanity is as poor as a church mouse. How are they supposed to pay for that? Here, too, divisions are taking place. But I also have understanding for the makers, because they also have to live from something. Therefore, I find what Fully does completely ok. He gives opportunities to read or listen to the things that are behind the paywall, just just time-shifted from 3-4 days. About the way he has gone but enormously in the width. THAT is exactly important but with a disclosure, the breadth. Only the broad mass will make a rethinking possible. Small elite circles will do nothing. But please, this is only my personal opinion.
            Translated with http://www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

    1. because it is not a plan, it is the narration of something that is in another timeline, which, in our limited understanding of time, we could call “the future”, but it has already happened. It would be something like the gift of “seeing the future”, accessing parallel timelines.because it is not a plan, it is the narration of something that is in another timeline, which, in our limited understanding of time, we could call “the future”, but it has already happened. It would be something like the gift of “seeing the future”, accessing parallel timelines.

  8. Hi Corey, what irritates me about this timeline is that in the past you yourself (and also D.W.) kept talking about the Mikronova going to 2025. That seemed already quite long to us at that time and now basically another 10 years approx. come on it. Can you give an explanation for it? I mean apart from the fact that a Mikronova does not announce itself via mail 😉 and gives its time schedule. How does it come to this jump now? Or do you have to see this timeline as a liberating blow, so that people don’t constantly ask when help for self-help is coming?

    1. Humanity has nothing to do with producing whatever is solar action is coming, obviously. And our creator so far appears to want it to be a surprise. All we know in what people who say they’re mediums tell us. On top of that, there’s lot of false prophets. So basically we non-mediums have to wait till 2025 to find out and know for sure!

    2. I don’t know why people locked that date in. I don’t think David did. I always said that 2025 was the guess of the SSP scientists. I stated that no one knows the time or date. This new info came from the guardians themselves but even they cannot see an exact date because of how the solar event affects time itself.

      1. Hello Corey, on the one hand you can be proud that people believe so much in you and what you say. For a normal person it is difficult to distinguish who is saying what in the background and who to believe more. Even guards can make mistakes. That has happened often enough in the past. The fact that gigantic debris from unknown objects is flying OFF the Sun makes me suspect that we are making false assumptions about the composition of the Sun. Just like in physics. But there are also more and more tones coming from science and research, which expect a big flare from the sun in the near future. But there are also enough voices from this area who say that the big flare will not happen this time. I was told in 2013/14 that an invisible shield was installed around the earth to prevent such flares from hitting the earth. To protect humanity. However, I could not control that 😉 As always true & good faith. Everyone has their own opinion about it too.

        Personally, I don’t see such a max flare having any impact. But I’m also not a fan of love light & pancakes. Facts count for me. Understandable and logical facts. I have also only once experienced accurate data being provided from the (ET) background. Even that went wrong. So I remain suspicious of data. Because “1. it turns out differently and 2. than you think”, a saying here in Germany. 2023/24 could bring a turnaround. Could… What we need is honest and candid full disclosure. If you don’t bring them, you’re acting like the DS and supporting their claim that humanity can’t handle the truth. Which is complete BS in my eyes. Sure, some – maybe us too – will have their jaws banging on the pavement, but they’ll recover from it pretty quickly. The anger that may then be triggered could lead to humanity coming to terms with it more quickly and being able to stick together more because they no longer want to be lied to and cheated on. That means the breaking up of MRD people who suddenly wake up – if evidence is provided – should be enormous. In my eyes, the truth and ONLY the truth can do more than any flash of sunshine, which would only lead to the New Age faction seeing or tinkering with a new religion. Religions and what has been made of them have led to insane excesses on this planet. A total of billion people died. This is not consistent with my understanding of cosmic law. Also, in order to be able to choose, we need the truth. Free will cannot be exercised knowing only the false side. Do we agree?

  9. at first glance, it’s quite discouraging as it would took 10 more years. it seemed that whatever we the everyday people or even the “white hats” are doing on Earth had nothing in effect in helping the liberation of the Earth at the moment. however, interestingly the info didn’t talk about anything in the coming time before 2025. what would happen between now till 2025? couldn’t we see more and more of the cabal’s strong hold (i.e. pharma, MSM, elections, corrupted gvt, banking, edu) had been exposed every single day that for more everyday people to see? it’s like it’s more and more difficult for the “normies”, as sometimes they were called, to fake not seeing what’s really happening. of course, to be frank, a large population still chose to be living in the dream world, whether they had been “winners” of lives or the so called “losers” (aka, not successfully in terms of how much monopoly money they have).

    imo, for anything outside of Earth, there’s completely nothing we the everyday people can do, whether moon, mars or even within or without the solar system. but how about the immediately neighbourhood? what could we do to help destroying the cabal and their babylonian slavery system on the surface, on this planet? people are so brave to take the kill shots? what couldn’t they dare do?
    even though, the cabal was completely taken over and captured tomorrow, it might have to take one year, two years to trial them, to undo whatever the cabal have been doing hundreds if not thousands of years, and to let the people unlearn all the fake stuff they had been injecting to people’s mind for easier slavery. so the time line given by corey was sensible enough. how could the surface population fight against the cabal’s master (you know what) if the cabal is still there with their trance still in effect? the surface population has not yet been to the stage confronting the real problem (the masters of the cabal, the real bosses) until they broke out of the cabal matrix first. so perhaps today’s the time to deal with the cabal first. We have no qualification to fight the masters if we deal with the cabal first. two years is not too long for the whole process.
    Don’t be discouraged. it’s just the beginning of our fight and victory!!!

  10. I think everybody needs to give Earth humans a break. So many are traumatized from past lives of suffering and torture and indoctrination that they have PTSD by now. And also what about so many people with mouth full of Mercury that messes with our thinking and all the poisons in the food and air and water. I hear some higher ET say why can’t the Earth humans just stand up and fight for themselves. We can’t do it all for them! Well why don’t they come down here for thousands of years and see what kind of shape they’re in by now. The Earth humans that have stood up to fight the system get taken out fast by the Men in Black. We really need the help of the higher et’s. It’s only fair and right.

    1. I am living proof that you have to wake yourself up and stop waiting around for someone else to fix your problems. Stop with all the excuses and get to work cleaning up yourself or die and get out of the way. It is not about ‘fairness’ and ‘rightness’ is about you waking yourself up and getting to work.

    2. How does karma factor in to the important points you have raised. Are these things happening for a reason, and wouldn’t we be immune from poisons if we were karmically balanced. Don’t wanderers count as ET intervention? I have read all of the Law of One books but I would value your opinion as I cannot remember much of them.

  11. I’m disappointed that there are so many dullards here on Earth that the introduction of ETs has to be dragged out for years. And sad to hear that our heroic Earth Alliance suffered a defeat in their first battle with the evil hordes.

  12. Corey, I have been following you since you first came out. I thought I’d share some information that seems to coroborate the info about them planning to get us to fight the GGLN led forces. I saw an interview with Sean David Morton and Kerry Cassidy where he mentioned his newest book series, “Sands of Time”. It is about a top scientist in the Shadow Government, who supposedly left his journals and diaries to Dvid after he passed. Any way I bought them and read the first two of three, after which it was obvious to me that their purpose was to seed certain information, such as that they (shadow gov) weren’t really bad, but had to do certain things for the greater good of the world. But one of the things stressed was that we were going to be attacked in the near future by some evil aliens and that they had to prepare for it, and also hinting at some aliens that would be on our side.
    So, it seems that they are already working on that agenda, which may be the reason you were given permission to reveal that intel now.

  13. Well folks, I would like to make a comment. As for Wonderers, I have been fortunate. I have known who I am since the age of twelve, I am now 62. Knowing this I have learned to only speak for myself when I speak, therefore I would like to say I definitely know what my job coming here is, which since I became an adult I have successfully with verification done and continue to do. First off, I love Corey Goode he is such a wonderful soul doing such a perfectly wonderful job fulfilling his chosen purpose. As we are all One, I am glad he is experiencing that other part of myself, himself, for me. I thank you Corey, I would not want your job. I love you brother.
    My job… I instill light love and happiness among the world in everything I do so every one can see. And I continually be of service to others which has reached the point over the years to where now that is all I seem to be able to think and do. I knew what my life would be and what the world would be like before I came here,,, I have not forgotten. I have always remembered things,,, many things. I am going to die yes and I have always looked forward to that day so I could leave these crazy humans. Yes I am stuck inside a human, but yes true, not for much longer.
    In saying that, and knowing that, there is no fear for me of earths and humans upcoming future. My job during this period, is to be of service to others by letting them know that they need not have fear either and know that everything and everyone is going to be okay. That one not ever be afraid of death. That one needs to inhale and exhale love happiness and positive energy even in the worst of times every breath. That one needs to shine light not gloomy endings and fear. That one should not be afraid of death it is a great experience, an accomplishment. I have always said since I was 12 after choosing to continue living instead of death in a tornado experience that when I die it will be glorious and in a glorious way. Well folks, I cannot think of a more cooler and glorious way then like Star Wars style.
    So that is what I preach… That is what I do… That is what everyone who see me sees…
    The Superhuman
    Inside a Human

  14. I have a few questions for Corey, 2033/34, will some of you be leaving on the shuttle? What about the animals on Earth?
    Will the people who remain and survive rebuild with no Internet, no electricity, and very close to the original? But with the help of aliens?
    There should also BE AI issues to deal with next, and PERHAPS some people will continue to incarnate into Reptilian and Draco worlds to help as is the case on Earth?

    Why send this information now? What do we need to do?

  15. thanks Corey, you always have the most awesome intel. you are my favorite whistle blower. I believe in you . Keep doing your important work. We can no longer say that we had no clue to what is happening in and with our Cosmic Family. You are not afraid to tell it as it is even when it is not nice to hear. Blue Chicken Cult my butt. It is awesome to have guardians to cover for what we can not do on our own. We all need to rise up and represent. Represent the best human qualities of kindness, hope and actions that counters all the evil by those sick Nazi Dark fleet rejects. That is not us. We condemn their actions, we resist their agendas and we deserve access to the Councils. WE are our own Leaders. We can no longer sit idly by as those white hat types fail and cower at the threats of the elites. We are all royal, loved and one with the cosmic creator of all things. We are, were and will be. No time to lose hope, keep the faith and fight with all our might. Together as a Team with our different abilities and talents. We are all here at this important time and place. Lets but that move and get on with the Star Trek type of timeline. No more of this living like we are helpless orphans of the Cabal. They are the minority, the scared little parasites with big heads. Nano infested zombies being played by retarded AI. God is good not cold like heartless Artificial Intelligence. 3 cheers to Corey and friends, Cosmic cousins near and far. May we take all our drama and reach out to other Planets and help them liberate themselves. Lets Party like its no longer 1984. We win. We’ve won …… G

  16. Corey in the end of the article is a mistake where you put “and Galactic Federation of Words fleets” is not Words but Worlds.
    Also I think that you don’t use the right name. You must use “Galactic Federation of (false) Light” and not “Galactic Federation of Worlds” beacuse there is one and it’s called IAFW – lnterdimensional Association of Free Worlds and they are here to help humanity

  17. Well, can‘t say I’m not distressed at the new date, but I’m sure that even Corey himself shares the mutual disappointment. We have this sort of feeling because we fail to find someone who could relate to our feeling for far too numerous times to count.

    I could tell from Corey’s response that he has been under a tremendous pressure that goes beyond our imagination. Guys like him have to deal with an overwhelming number of responses from the public, let alone to deal with his own ones. Not even to mention security breaches that put him and his family into jeopardy years ago when he revealed his concerns on GaiaTV. Believe me, I would tell Tear Eir the exact same thing if I were put into Corey’s position: “I was born a Christian, what you gonna do?” People can’t proceed with their missions without being guaranteed of their own safety, let alone being stripped of their financial ability, health, or end up fighting endless lawsuits while struggling to liberate this planet.

    I could also tell that a small minority of people who have woken up for years or just have woken up, have had great difficulty trying to figure out WHAT is going on with this planet as well as HOW to resolve this mess. Unfortunately, like most people, I find this spiritual warfare hard to believe, and have to spend years picking up the pieces. So, Corey, please, don’t blame people too much on not having enough courage to face it. Sometimes, well, most of the time, things like this do take time to digest, and when everyone else around you tells you that you are insane, things could get ugly without feeling forlorn or abandoned. Most people don’t have others to turn to, but at least Corey, you have Anshar and the guardians. With this being said, I’m definitely NOT understating the responsibility that Corey is being tasked with.

    With years passing by, I could only part ways with people I used to fight together. But how do we achieve coherence to liberate Earth without truly putting ourselves into other people’s shoes? If that is like taking a walk in the park, I’m sure we would have had our answers years ago, and we would have popped champagne, toasting to our freedom. I‘m tired of this, tired of never finding understanding, of fighting this fight alone, of having to raise my vibration with the intention that so the earth is happy, earthlings could be happy, and the Ets could finally welcome us into their galactic society. Raising our vibration with that intention in mind has been causing tons of stress if there has been no solution to our financial , health and other predicament.

    So where are we left of? I honestly don’t ’t know, but I still choose to raise my vibration AS MUCH AS I COULD. This is a letter of understanding, not encouragement, to those who have done all they could to realize what is going on with our planet and how to liberate, REGARDLESS OF our distinctive perspectives, beliefs, and most importantly, HOW LONG IT WILL TAKE AND WHAT THE OUTCOME IS. Save yourself, and be happy, including you, Corey Goode. Never let the burden consume you.

  18. Corey, I would like a clarification please.  you have mentioned how the “Alliance” has failed.  Are you speaking about the SSP Alliance or the Earth Alliance?  I think you mean Earth Alliance, can you please explain more about what happened, how they failed and anything else you can add?  I appreciate it, thank you !

    Prayers for you and your family 🙏

        1. It is probably too risky to elaborate, idk. Maybe you should make your own guess, like I do. My guess is, looking at the period he mentioned, it is when both Trump and Abe left their offices, while you see that Xi has become more and more totalitarian and recently became a complete dictator, also Putin being dragged into a war he had tried to avoid. I am guessing that XI might have been completely taken over by a Reptilian or a tall grey in order to start WW3 since the attempt in Ukraine is failing. The Cabal has to mind control and manipulate people to start WW3 but no one wants a war anymore. So how do you start a WW3? Ignore their will with full control over a nation, like Xi prompting his intention of Taiwan invasion. It still may not succeed and might end up in a China Civil War, we will see. With so weak power to do something, studying, contemplating and guessing the outcome is quite fun if you see the whole picture from a cosmic perspective.

  19. Corey, I find this sentence confusing and possibly incorrect. You say, “It apparently takes the GGLN-led armada until the year 2025 – in our timeframe – to work their way back to begin liberating their own Solar System.” However, did you mean to say, “It apparently takes the GGLN-led armada until the year 2025 – in our timeframe – to work their way back to begin liberating “our” own Solar System.” Please clarify. THANKS!!!

    1. Apparently GGLN needs to clean up the mess done by the Black Fleets first. Service to Others means you can’t prioritize your own solar system first, right? Not to mention that it is their responsibility to clean up those mess and Solar System is one of last two strongholds of the negative forces. Normally you need to clean up the trash mobs before you kill the boss, right? 🙂

      1. As far as us winning or losing, a friend in Australia texted to me that US military special ops are conducting mass arrests of AU traitors. The USA may well be next, I hope.

        Also, last week, Benjamin Fulford reported that an order to kill the Satanists’ leaders like the Rockefellers, Rothschids, etc. If their, for example, security people don’t act against their bosses, they are collaborators and will be charged with treason.

  20. Where will you be? How old will you be? What will you be doing? Who will you surround yourself with? What will you do after?

    2023 – 2 months from now –

    2025 – 2 years –

    2027 – 4 years –

    2029 – 6 years –

    2031 – 8 years –

    2033 – 10 years- [Flash Event]
    or [Flash Event]
    2035 – 12 years-

    2037 – 14 years-

    2039 – 16 years-

    2041 – 18 years-

    2043 – 20 years-

    2045 – 22 years-

  21. After a brief look at the message, many people are worried about the need to wait. With regard to the relationship between solar flares, that is, the arrival of micro nova and human consciousness, my personal view is that it depends entirely on people’s consciousness, and depends on what people do. If people seize the time to improve themselves, help others, and assist in the whole process, even if you do not catch up with the last moment in your life, you have played an important role in the process, and this promotion is also very beneficial to the whole journey of the soul. You leave the earth, but you can experience the transformation process of the earth in other places like Omina of Venus, which is also very good.
    So there is nothing to regret. It is better to take action than complain. We are the people we have been waiting for. As Corey said, everyone should do their part at this critical moment. We often forward the information released by Corey to China, encouraging more people to play their talents, improve themselves, serve the public and benefit others.
    Many people still focus on the specific time, which I think is understandable. After all, people have endured all this for a long time. However, it seems that people have not taken more effective actions for the early arrival of this day, which is how regrettable.

    Others refer to a lot of different information, but let themselves get lost, unable to effectively distinguish and judge which can be accepted. How to distinguish external information? Only when we practice ourselves and open up the wisdom of our own mind is the fundamental way. If you open your mind, you will naturally have the ability to judge. You will not even need to refer to external information to gain awareness.

    Best wishes to all people.

  22. According to the briefing, such information was never allowed to be sent publicly in the past, but why is it allowed to share a brief timetable now?

    One possible reason is that for the beings who help to liberate here, if the earth humans with mental deficiency are induced to be enemies of these allies. It may be a difficult task for these allies. Because they are not the enemies of human beings, but human beings are induced to attack them, so they are now releasing information. Now we are entering 2023, and there are almost five years left All people with this related mission should be committed to helping people learn such content as the miracle course. It can help people understand the nature of life, learn to forgive and forgive, and avoid falling into the time line of thousands of years of repetition that human beings may make.

    I would like to thank you very much for this information. I thought I was worried about where to go and how to choose. I had hoped to build a community, just like truck drivers in Canada, to unite and live in a community that combines the Bantu spirit, the organic farm of Yihang Zen Master, the spiritual community of Yucananda, and the flower of wood in Japan. However, I feel that the frequency of the public is far from being reached, so the community cannot travel.

    The only community that can be chosen is the place where the practitioners are located. For example, the Buddhist Tantrism is located in the Wuming Buddhist Academy in Tibet, where the monks at least have the centrifugal and bodhicitta heart, and are not exclusive of aliens, inclusive. Many temples also have their own small vegetable gardens and are committed to spiritual improvement. I think this is the embryonic form of the new earth community in the future.

    After reading Corey’s message, I made clear what we should do here. The guardian brings us the information of this timeline, and may also hope that we can better play their respective strengths and cooperate with their actions. Therefore, I thought that we could design a course on love and forgiveness to help people on Earth learn how to deal with “evil”, how not to entangle with “evil”, and how to get out of the karmic cycle. In this way, people can choose a positive timeline without going through thousands of years of reincarnation.

    Therefore, we are very grateful for this information. Help me clarify my direction.

  23. Hello all I have read a lot of the comments here and it seem that everyone is waiting on some sort of timeline. In all reality I think the earth needs this time. If our planet is to come together in a collective consciousness I believe we need this time. I don’t see our earth anywhere near where we need to be. If the event was to happen 2025 I think we would be looking at another long cycle of reincarnation. We should be happy we have more time to come together and spread our love light information on how to become one. I live my life day to day and pay check to pay check cause I believe in me. I believe that when the time comes I will know what to do. Some of you all think that is foolish and that I should have a plan but I think worrying is foolish. I’m no dummy I’m no where near the ocean or volcano.

    Smile spread our love light and spread the information this man has given us. The ones that are to survive will and the ones that are to move on have served there purpose here on earth.

    1. Great comment 😀
      I appreciated reading this one. 🙂
      It’s true, it’s just I’d been gearing up for something a bit sooner, because I’ve had enough of being ahead of the curve but out of step with the masses. It’s isolating, exhausting, etc.
      But you’re right – if it were to happen in ’23-25, 85% at least wouldn’t be ready…

      Difficult for me because personally, I do much better on the coast 🙁

    2. Well said! I also believe that we need to believe in ourselves. There is so much information out there and paths to follow it can be so confusing and bewildering. The only way to navigate this is through trusting in ourselves. It is hard for me at this time as I have become so sensitive to my external experiences and I have to gaurd against withdrawing from these experiences as a need to self defend as this only leaves me feeling like I am living in fear and what I wish is to live in the higher vibration of love. I often say I do not know what I do not know and so I try to remain equanimous as I continue to grow. And I love that you say you live pay check to paycheck because you believe in yourself. I too live that way because I refuse to sell my soul to anything or anyone that tells me I must behave in a certain way in order to receive a fincial reward for this obedience to something that does not feel authentic and in alignment with my nature. I would rather have less than to live that way.

  24. Hey Everyone… TIME IS A ILLUSION! Too many people seem to be addicted to fear and are using the time illusion to justify it. Please folks give it up. Yes the life of your current physical body will end some day so use simple logic to understand that the most important time is that you are living now in this moment not some future that may or may not be here. If there is a judgement day that is what you will be judged on.

  25. Your stuff’s always felt right Corey. As much as it’s not palatable at times it made sense that we need to dig our own way out to evolve. I hope the realisation that a lot of people have been duped strengthens the community as they gravitate towards your message.

  26. Hi Corey,
    After I saw this update last night I went back to an earlier video that I thought referred to when the solar micronova was thought to happen…the one where there was an Alliance briefing at the LOC that you attended, when Sigmund was still alive and Gonzalez was there. It seemed like that group was expecting it to be 2023-25, or “after we enter solar maximum”/come out of solar minimum. (Actually, I think they were saying that’s when the cabal elites were expecting it…)
    So we are halfway into the next solar cycle (after solar minimum) now, aren’t we? Solar maximum hits anywhere from 2026?
    I realise that briefing was just humans best-guessing the situation and not higher-level beings giving a timeline from a higher perspective…personally I had the feeling it would be 2026, from a combination of what you, DW, Ben Davidson, and a few others (Allison Coe, Pam Gregory etc) were coming up with.
    But now we’re hearing it’s…another 10 years???
    I’ve always put your info first in terms of credibility and trustworthiness, but I’m feeling a little less sure now about who to believe. If timelines are always changing based on the mass-consciousness, how is it Emmi etc are able to give this sort of definitive version at all? Before you’ve always said no-one could really pinpoint for sure.
    Also that it will be (or was, for the Anshar) a series of small flashes leading up to the big one – although unclear over what period of time that was meant to be over.
    I’ve exhausted myself and my resources trying to get in position for what’s about to happen, and doing what I could to help myself and others in terms of vibration-raising. But I’m older and tireder and I feel like I just have to focus on securing something for myself now…I don’t feel like I’ve got another 10 years in me. But, if that’s what you were told…that’s what you were told! I guess…:-/
    Personally I feel a bit let down and dissapointed. I would have appreciated hearing this earlier (since the info was given earlier).
    The dates always seem to get pushed out :-/

    1. Just saw Ben D’s latest video where he’s saying we’re a few months away from solar maximum, which would last anywhere from 1-2 years.
      So yeah, I thought from what you and DW (espescially) were saying over time, it would almost certainly be during the next solar maximum – which is the next couple of years.

    2. In my 2019 videos, I said that 2024 was the most likely date guessed by the SSP Alliance scientists. I don’t know why people locked those dates in as a fact when I clearly stated they were proposed dates by the SSP. The new info comes directly from the Galactic Guardians and is much more accurate than the guesses of SSP scientists.

      1. Yes I understand that. It was coming from a few others also around that time, and I know that 2024 seemed to make sense because it seemed likely to be our next solar maximum then, when we are already (over) due for that 12,000 year event to happen – plus neighbouring sun Proxima Centauri had a burst making it more likely for ours to trigger off at the next most active time.

    3. The Mayan dates always had 2012 as the date, but it came and went. I don’t know if the time machines have started working again, but they quit sometime around 1980 when they were messing around with the Montauk Chair at Montauk AFB on the tip of Long Island. So the dates have been moving around since whatever they did in Montauk. I don’t know the year that Baron Trump went back to the late 1800’s but it’s obvious that we are getting close now, and in the book from the 1800’s it says that Trump will be the last elected president of the US. But that creates another dilemma, Biden wasn’t elected, he stole it. So does that mean that Trump wins in 2024, or is it coming before that? If he’s elected in 2024 then he can’t run in 2028, and if it doesn’t happen until 2032, we must create a new kind of government before he leaves office in 2028. Could it be Trump gives us NESARA before he leaves office? That could mean that some great advancements are made in the next 10 years, and we learn to manifest the world with our collective consciousness. If this is so, then it looks like the cyborgs will either leave the planet or stay in 3rd density, while we move to 4th density. There is lots of 4th density beings in the earth now, but if we go there we might not even be able to see them or the world they live in. So, what that could mean is we get the surface of the planet back into proper alignment so that the outer dodecahedrons of the Earth repair them selves or are put there by higher beings and form the old grid that is still functioning in the inner Earth platonic solids, and make it possible for 4th density to exist right over the top of 3rd density. If that does happen then Earths mother frequencies could realign with the inner most platonic solid, restoring Gaia to her former glory. The energy grid of old times could be restored in 4th density, and we could live any way we want, no taxes, no money, no war, and all we would have to do is manifest it from our collective consciousness.

      1. The Mayan calendar you are talking about has nothing to do with this, and it never did and no intelligent person thought so. The Maya have many calendars and none of them predict anything. They are maps composed of mathematical cyclic information.

      2. Proxima Centauri flared off at that time – our closest neighbouring star (according to a DW video in the last couple of years).
        I think from what Corey said the blue spheres were within our solar system then (or maybe arrived around then?) buffering us from the sun (and presumably also buffering the sun) because none of us were ready yet etc.

    1. If we just sit back and complain and not stand up and fight for our own freedom on this planet, things will just get worse. We are so programmed to wait for a savior – ET or God – that we never clean up our own mess – which is what the rest of the positive ETs are waiting for us to do. its cosmic law. ETs can go to every solar system that is self-destructing and save them from themselves.

  27. This is great news, I could feel it coming some how and have been checking daily for it to drop. I learned to listen with my heart when things are said and doing so I have always trusted what you have said from day 1. when you were with DW on Gaia.
    I have tried to listen to others but somewhere along the line the tone changes and I know it’s not right.
    Thank you for all you do and transfer that thanks to all that are fight out there. My sadness is that my
    grandchildren don’t want to hear any of it right now but that too can change, Love is still more powerful
    then any force out there.

  28. Thank you Corey for sharing this update! Seems like a logical progression of events. But the stated timeline does not feel quite accurate. It is of course variable depending on a variety of factors, influences and collective consciousness agreements. But the timing will likely be much sooner then the briefing indicates. Besides, for OpSec purposes, it would seem that details of this nature would not be disseminated to the general public.

  29. Your just pushing back all that we are hearing from others to 2027-2032; I find this hard to believe; we have shifted time lines in the last week or so; I have witnessed events and they changed the next day back to where they were; I think by 2025 all the ET’s will show themselves and cure the earth and all the people here very fast, but you think what you think, seem like a truth trickle as usual!!!

    1. Yup here we go Folks Ballanger is going to take us thru the Time-Tunnel, then after maybe he can show us some of the 72 Alien Beings that are about to show themselves to the rest of humanity. By 2025? Please stay away from the Hiawatha Ballanger.

      1. Yup here we go Folks Ballanger is going to take us thru the Time-Tunnel, then after maybe he can show us some of the 72 Alien Beings that are about to show themselves to the rest of humanity. By 2025? Please stay away from the Ayahuasca Mr. Ballanger.

    2. 2024/25 was the SSP scientist’s best guess at the event… as I said in my presentation in 2019. This info comes straight from the guardians and not guess work from the SSP. Now we have it straight from the Guardians and don’t have to guess. No one every said the 2024 date was solid.

      1. A certain Jesus of Nazareth informed that only Abba Amm knew that day, right? You wrote yourself that this term cannot be specified. It is in the interdimensional realm where readings are not possible. So assuming that something will happen at some point in time is ordinary Russian roulette. Personally, I rely on Abba Amm. Trust the Chief Designer.:)

      2. Hey Corey, thanks for the update. I am really tired of the stupidity from these people who keep trying to grasp to someones prediction of the future. No one can predict the future but anyone can affect it by what they are doing right now. We all can figure out right from wrong all we have to do is take some self responsibility as we can clearly see the results of what we do. Some day the sun will not only micro-nova but some day it will destroy our solar system completely but no one can tell us exactly when and it does not matter we are existing here and now and the question is are we doing what we need to do for each other or not. One big step we all need to make is to stop judging others and be more focused on self judgement. That would clean things up a lot.

        For example I figured out that someone I suspect the Blue Avian’s but do not know for sure modified our sun to delay the 3000 year solar cycle a few years so that we can have some extra time to better modify our position for the event. We are affecting the whole universe and we need to get into sync ASAP to help return to a better world. I know what physically causes the event and there are those who can modify the environment enough thus the event itself but no one can prevent a star from what it does. Thanks again for demonstrating the right way to do this!

    1. There will be no mass evacuation technically. Some people may be evacuated based upon their sole origins. Most of us are here to live threw the whole experience and will have to work it out according to what actually happens. The is no way to predict these events.

  30. Hi Carey,
    Reading your notes. If you have been compromised we don’t have to take in any of it. That’s cool. We just need to stay positive and keep our Golden Age Timeline going strong ? The clean up seems to be heading in the right direction, and those brought to justice, who have caused all the mayhem on Earth. So we head for the 5th, with a swift journey through the 4th, and living LOVE and LIGHT meantime.
    Thanks Corey. Stay strong. Love and Light surround you and everyone.
    Onwards and Upwards.
    Yvonne xxxooo

    1. I am not compromised. The 2025 date came from guesses from the SSP Alliance the new date comes from the Guardians. I never said the 2025 date was locked in or even correct, it was a guess by the SSP alliance. I don’t know where all of you are getting the plan changed. The info has just been updated by a reliable source. What a wacky community, lol.

      1. Thanks for your responses, Corey.
        People are trying to get their heads around multiple sources and discern as best they can, with nothing to go on except consistency and conduct of the different identities. It’s not just you / your intel that was mentioning the 2023/24/25 date – a number of people coming from different places who I would deem credible/trustworthy were also implying this. Personally I’m not ‘whacky’ at all – but trying to synthesise meaning from various discerned sources, I think others are doing the same. We may have forgotten the detail that the dates you mentioned before came from best guesses of the SSP Alliance humans and not the Anshar/SBA/Guardians etc; given others were also flagging that time due to solar cycles / astrology / QHHT readings etc etc…!

        1. Personally I’m grateful for the responses, given the time and energy I’ve invested in Corey’s info, and life decisions I’ve taken that this has been part of. I’m no ‘sheep’, plenty of discernment going on here…but clarity is appreciated. It’s not exactly a simple situation, there are a lot of factors at different levels (and densities) going on here.

          1. Yep, we have a very complex situation here. No one person can know it all. We must deal with our issues as best as we can. We must take personal responsibility in order to be successful.

  31. Since we have been getting differing intel from many different sources like Ismael Perez, Elena Danaan, Dr. Michael Salla, Megan, and many other ET contactees, the only information you can truly believe is what you glean from your own higher Self-Soul. If the timeline has been altered multiple times in timeline wars between the dark and the Light, what can you believe in for sure? You can only know what resounds as truth in your own Being and you can, we can, all create our highest reality if we focus on IT. The rest of this is all distraction. Undoubtedly the A-I has and will continue to infiltrate some of the best contactees and channels, so whose information can we trust? Choose your Inner Voice, you Soul to bring you the truth.

    1. Right on, he has been compromised; I like Ismael Perez, Elena Danaan, Dr. Michael Salla and things are going much faster and by 2025 it will be over and the new golden age will begin as they say!!!

      1. These are just stories to make you feel hopeful and maybe bring to reality with our consciousness. That is what these same people told me in the background and threatened me to change my story or they would call me compromised. Those falling for this are into feel-good stories and not real disclosure. No one is going to save us and the negative ETs are still here. People are still being abducted – nothing has changed. These fairy tales are designed to make you sit back and wait for the Federation instead of securing your freedom on your own. This type of behavior will not bring about a positive timeline. Its just hiding from the real world within feel-good stories.

    2. My info has been consistent since I came out. The people you mention threatened to destroy me and call me compromised if I didn’t go along with their version of the story. They said the community needed hopeful stories and that we could create that timeline by telling it – even if it’s a lie. SICK! This community is very compromised. If you think some of these new contactees that came out of nowhere, based their info on mine are reliable you need to discern more to be honest. This community is totally compromised and is now a story telling circle to make people feel better than has anything to do with disclosure.

  32. I’ve always trusted Corey Good and now I have to discard Ismael Perez and many others on Youtube channels who have been reporting contrary information. At age 74, I was vulnerable to wishful thinking about the “solar flash” being imminent according to Corey. Unless the widely reported “imminent solar flash” is different than the “mini solar nova” Corey reports and is a different event. Oh, well what will be will be. At least my meditation and prayer has become very gratifying. In another ten years this topic will be getting tiresome!

    1. I’m in 70’s too and would not dismiss Ismael Perez ; I find Corey a bit off; this is going to be all over by 2025; many people say and the new golden age will begin by then, not in 2027- 2032 !!!!

      1. Suit yourself. Ismael looks like a false prophet to me. This month’s Farsight.com staff’s report, however flakey they look, agrees with this new report of Corey’s . So that is a completely different source saying the same thing as Corey and that is proof positive to me that this report from Corey, however disappointing compared to Ismael Perez, is truthful.

      1. Thanks, Corey. Disappointed that Ismael Perez is a false prophet piping sunshine up our ass, as we said in the Army. But your report agrees with this month’s report from the remote viewers at Farsight.com. They are an entirely independent source saying the same thing as what you forwarded to us so I am glad to count myself among your followers.

      2. The two dimwits (E.D. + M.R.) are just telling stories. You have something to laugh about when you listen to them. But for that you have to have a little background knowledge, because otherwise these stories become dangerous. As you can see with Dr. Salla. I think if E.D. ever really has to talk to En.ki, then a quick diaper change is in order. When I read this latest claim I had to laugh heartily. Just as nonsense as Dr. Salla’s arks (flying parts) that are starting their engines and have to realize that the alternator is not working. These are max. very old bases that were cleared and shut down around 2014/15 and are only technically monitored. With engine start and fly is there nix. It is sad what has become of Dr. Salla. But everyone chooses his own path. Hopefully David catches himself again and stops with this religion crap. If there’s one thing we don’t need in the future, it’s this.

        But it would be nice Corey if you could suggest to the Anshars that full disclosure be over by 2025. This I think will help many people to wake up and especially not to believe every MIST.

  33. Corey, as I see it…..If the timeline is going to be as YOU say it is, NONE OF US WILL LAST THAT LONG or make it in an unaltered, non-transhuman state. WE won’t last that long if the current Earthly madness continues.
    If the events of YOUR timeline continue the people of the earth will be doomed to be 100% transhuman, under gunpoint, within a few years. Australia is already FORCE vaccinating their native people UNDER GUNPOINT according to reliable sources.
    Help me understand all of this madness, please.

  34. This is very encouraging,I am not well and I am getting up in age so I don’t know if I will live long enough to see all this come to past. I guess I will see it from the other side.

  35. That you have” – and truly appreciate. I would like to thank both of you for digressing in the manner that you do, the way through this, is respectful conversing, with discernment, thus through this process at a point of catalyst the truth is unveiled with a substance that is left with no contradiction, providing a greater respect and trust with honor to source integrity. We can! truly embrace into the so called golden age cycle. Have patience with each other don’t be offended to cross-reference each others information through this process be humble with each others humility, of each catalyst and it’s unveiled truth in the end will only make our bond stronger, and the golden age cycle that so much more content to our selfs and our generations to come. please let’s set a standard of respect and dignity that our childrens children children can be proud to say that’s when the tides turned and are forever proud to say and be appreciated and appreciative of this ascension in conciseness. So please do enjoy the truth and sometimes it does hurt!.. all ov us help each other in the unveiling as this will only speed the process up. I wish us well – have patience in each other and ourself have strength in source integrity have honor in our race as a whole and be proud ov our existence and in the creators we are. Be more than we have been and trust in our hearts, respect all forms of source light no matter of the level of distortion, fight for the right aspect with just and of love ,have an infinite level of forgiveness stand your ground with fierceness without doubt embrace into the respect of freewill holding a oscillation in and of the one infinite creator in and ov it as whole. I have faith that in imagination bound with belief fluid of love and of uncompromised freewill to be the infinite catalyst that is creation itself. We can be our own creation so let’s be proud, let’s each choose into each our own freewill of inherently infinite potential and ov uncompressing integrity, let’s be a race within the whole of the one infinite creator, who are proud to be in and of a salubrious existence .. I’m in)- and I look forward! to each! and every! one of you! along the way. )

  36. That you have” – and truly appreciate. I would like to thank both of you for digressing in the manner that you do, the way through this, is respectful conversing, with discernment, thus through this process at a point of catalyst the truth is unveiled with a substance that is left with no contradiction, providing and a greater respect and trust with honor to source integrity. We can! truly embrace into the so called golden age cycle. Have patience with each other don’t be offended to cross-reference each others information through this process be humble with each others humility, of each catalyst and it’s unveiled truth – in the end will only make our bond stronger and the golden age cycle that more content to our selfs and our generations to come. please let’s set a standard of respect and dignity that our childrens children children can be proud to say that’s when the tides turned and are forever proud to say and be appreciated and appreciative of this ascension in conciseness. So please do enjoy the truth and sometimes it does hurt!.. all ov us help each other in the unveiling as this will only speed the process up . I wish us well – have patience in each other and ourself have strength in source integrity have honor in our race as a whole and be proud ov our existence and in the creators we are. Be more than we have been and trust in our hearts, respect all forms of source light no matter of the level of distortion, fight for the right aspect with just and of love ,have an infinite level of forgiveness stand your ground with fierceness without doubt embrace into the respect of freewill holding a oscillation in and of the one infinite creator in and ov it as whole. I have faith that in imagination bound with belief fluid of love and of uncompromised freewill to be the infinite catalyst that is creation itself. We can be our own creation so let’s be proud, let’s each choose into each our own freewill of inherently infinite potential and ov uncompressing integrity, let’s be a race within the whole of the one infinite creator, who are proud to be in and of a salubrious existence .. I’m in)- and I look forward! to each! and every! one of you! along the way. )

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