The Pre-Verse, The Fractal Universe Model.

A universe of giant stars that are the size of the Galaxies in our Universe existed before our own – Before the Big Bang. Each of these mega-stars eventually collapsed into giant black holes that consume the matter of the mega-star. The new Massive Black Hole then reconstitutes the mega-stars matter inside at a much smaller scale as the Black Hole (Baby Universe) expands as it consumes the matter from the Pre-Verse creating a fractal universe model.

This fractal universe model creates baby universes continuously and infinitely becoming the engine of creation for the multi-verse. The Pre-Verse itself is a baby universe inside of a black hole of yet a larger and much older universe.

Now that we know how the multi-verse works we can now entertain the thought of where some of these alien visitors come from and what may be meant when they are said to be from other physical dimensions.

Someday, will Humans use advanced technology to project our influence into a black hole (Baby Universe) to study how it developed? Will we find life within that baby universe (another dimension) and study it much in the same way we have been studied by the inhabitants of the Pre-Verse?

Is all of this by chance? A simulation? A ‘thought’ or ‘daydream’ of a creator being?

This will be a major theme in future disclosures and in my films and games.

I plan on bringing many new and interesting ideas and concepts to the general population in hopes of expanding the mass consciousness. CG

Roger Penrose: “Big Bang Wasn’t The Beginning And Something Terrifying Happened Before“

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  1. On the other hand, the Electric Universe Model says there are no and never was any Black Holes. BTW also, there is no and never was any proof that black holes exist. Everyone thought is was a neat idea and just accepted it with absolutely NO proof!

    1. Hi Robert, Corey, and Michael – The Electric Universe is an interesting and useful model for explaining some of the phenomena we measure. But it falls short of explaining the deeper workings of the cosmos. It is better than what “conventional” physicists work with, however. As noted by RA in Book of One, Dewey Larson’s Reciprocal Systems theory works very well to cover a large portion of observed phenomena, and I observe a lot of that is ancillary to or in congruence with Electric Universe. I have been working on resolving RS Theory and Scalar phenomena, which I believe is the hole in EU theory. Here is what I believe is the bottom line, though I’ve vastly more work to do to get this consistent with observations we know how to do at this time. When Maxwell created his E&M work, he actually, VERY correctly, accounted for 3 degrees of freedom as is common for our dimension. E&M exhibit observable properties, orthogonal to each other, of electric fields, magnetic fields, and ONE MORE. That additional motion is in the direction of an EM wave, whereas E and B fields are both orthogonal to direction of travel. Direction of travel can be thought of as sound, as it is longitudinal vibration. Heaviside modified Maxwell’s original equations, removing longitudinal wave phenomena. Maxwell is said to have been OK with that because they were having a hard time figuring out how to measure it, and it allowed them to not have to use Quaternion math, which is said to be challenging. No college course studies Maxwell’s work, only Heaviside’s modified one. The best science I can find in public domain on scalar is from mostly Russian scientists, and they have figured out both how to measure and how to produce these scalar waves, (Col Beardon also talks about it, but his discussions are highly classified, if true, and thus impossible to verify). I like to call scalar Lifeforce Energy waves. They travel at an unmeasurable speed which is probably infinite, or close to it. Source supports and all of life connects instantaneously via scalar connections. Wormholes are essentially a scalar phenomena, which is why any time you travel through one, time and space are one and the same. So Electric Universe does not have this element, and thus cannot get too close to predicting what actually happens in the cosmos. RS Theory was built by a chemist, so it’s noticeably unclear on this, but I believe the best work to come in physics will resolve scalar and RS theories. RS theory does discuss Black Holes. In my observational experience from traveling to our own Galactic Core, (home of a “black hole”), I found it to be the nexus of push and pull, yin and yang, male and female, and a Source or Creator in and of itself, (wonderfully discussed in this video). Indeed, it feels so close to Creator that it is hard to talk about it in terms that make any sense at all. —- Fundamental to us actually getting close to understanding the cosmos, we have to get that there is not one single observable phenomena that is linear. All of our universe works in circles and cycles. All of it. Thus is is a waste of energy and time to be concerned about beginnings, ends, edges, etc. Any apparent beginning or end is just a circle within a circle. I’m not sure Penrose would actually agree with the Fractal Universe concept, but it’s nice this author attributed that thinking to him. Fractal theory is a wonderful way to start to grasp something that has no beginning nor end. RS theory is quite congruent with this video. It would be interesting to know if the author has studied Larson…

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