Earth Alliance Updates on UAP Disclosure – November 2023

1. Congress is receiving major pushback regarding UAP transparency.

2. Some of the 40 whistleblowers have secretly shared info with some members of Congress who pretend they haven’t seen it.

3. New laws are expected that will give eminent domain over all UAP materials or associated NHI.

4. This is setting up a major legal battle where US Military Intel and a handful of corporations will fight Congress based on national security.

5. The ‘Program’ is doing all it can to stall public disclosures and public hearings to give them time to hide or move the materials in question.

6. The Program leaders are setting up the appropriate facilities in locations outside of US and International control.

7. Some facilities deep in the Earth are argued to be in international waters and not under the legal authority of the US or other global powers.

8. The Earth Alliance has put its full support behind the current UAP Whistleblowers and thinks the cat is out of the bag. Much has been shared with key people within Congress and subculture press that hasn’t come out yet but is expected to begin early next year.

9. Multiple sources tell us that an ET group has set a deadline of 2027 (or 28, depending on who you talk to)

10. We are told that the public will learn of 3 or 4 ET groups visiting Earth, one being hostile towards Humans and the others somewhat indifferent.

11. We will be told that Human abductions are extremely rare but do happen, sometimes resulting in the death or disappearance of the individual.

12. Many sources speak in hushed tones about an Extra-Dimensional Intelligence that uses ‘craft’ to send avatars into our dimension. This group is unable to visit our reality physically.

13. Their craft is similar to a ‘diving bell’ concept where they are lowered into our reality with something identical to electromagnetic weather. If the connection is lost, their craft will crash.

14. These ED beings observe us and manipulate our reality as if we are living in a video game or simulation.

15. It is believed that they are the architects of our reality. Some claim that they discovered our dimension and planet long ago and began manipulating evolution and reality on the earth as some experiment and beachhead into a new dimension to study and exploit.

16. We are told to expect the UAP sightings worldwide to increase exponentially leading up to 2027/28.

Watch Corey discussing the above updates on SSP Updates Explanations Series

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  1. On the question of 15:Do they need to bear the cause and effect? Just as negative groups control the top of the pyramid and choose their people to take power, does their manipulation of human causality on Earth require causality on a larger level?

  2. I have two questions that I hope will be answered in future Q&A sessions:
    1. Can the transformation of the Sun into a micronova be regarded as alchemy at the planetary level?
    Will some of the souls who graduate from the third dimension stay on the transformed Earth or go to the micro-nova transformed by the Sun?

    2. Are the aliens who are about to take the initiative to appear those who have chosen a negative evolutionary path? They are trying to trap humanity in the fear of victimhood and start a war?
    And according to the Dharma, human beings also fall into karma again and enter the next millennium cycle, until Maitreya Bodhisattva comes to the final transformation and complete the third dimension of evolution.

    1. We are so sorry about that bug in the app! A new Android and iOS app version was released today (v1.3.3) which fixes this bug on all Android & iOS devices. You may have to check your app store for the latest update on the Ascension Works TV app. Thanks for your patience!

  3. Everything we have endured as a species is because knowledge has been withheld from us as a tool of control

    When the world finds this out they will interpret any person or group trying to withhold anything as an attempt to set themselves up as the next round of elitist would be’s

    We are done with people thinking only they can handle the truth, humanity will see it for what it is. Another power grab.

    Pretty stupid too, everyone is going to be watching in a pissed off frame of mind while military & police are hunting down the current batch of elitists.

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