Because The One Infinite Creator made creation with free will, and once you make a less than perfect choice, karma sets in and from that negativity created through free will and negative things have to happen and are created and will continue to be in existence until humans that created the negativity learn their lesson. God himself cannot interfere with Karma. God is perfect, the angelic host and ascended masters are perfect! So where does evil/ negativity come from? The only place in all of creation that negativity comes from is a Being in embodiment making a less than perfect choice, which starts the karmic wheel. No wrath of God, just karma! So the question everyone should be asking is “What have we done to create all this negativity?” Per the Ascended Masters, over 90% of a normal humans life (activities) is not of the light! Top five things humans do creating negativity per the Ascended Masters are in order 1. Eating Meat which is Spirit Cooking Second Dimensional Beings – pure evil 2. Drinking Alcohol 3. Drugs, not just illegal 4. Smoking 5. Processed foods, gmo, onions and garlic, etc ! So what would the karma be for eating meat? Let’s see animals (2nd dimensional beings ) are herded, bred, slaughtered, blood drained out of them, and then eaten ( spirit cooked ). Wow that sounds a lot like human trafficking only human trafficking is done to 3rd dimensional beings or humans! Human Trafficking is a direct result of humans eating meat! Per the Ascended Masters! Until humans stop torturing animals and eating them, human trafficking has to continue as humans have not learned their lesson. Wow I could go into religion which was created to highjack mankind’s spirituality! So much of the negativity going on now is our own negative karma being played out! It’s not just a bunch of bad guys doing bad things, it’s all karma driven! Yes human trafficking and spirit cooking humans is HORRIBLE, but in Gods eyes, no more horrible that humans eating animals ! Which is worse, the creation of the negative karma or the lesson? Most would say the creation of negative karma, which eating meat is! Humans need to back out of human consciousness and take a look at how karma and creation works and you will be saddened at how complicit you have been with evil! With Love and Light

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  1. Kinda tough to read because I think I do Everything wrong! But I’m sure I was guided to your article.
    I have come to realize that there is no way I’m going to rid my life of your 1-5 list of things unless I do it with the help that increased spiritually would bring. I am trying to work on that….

    1. Per the ascended masters both onions and garlic pass the blood brain barrier and interferes with your spiritual connection to source. The only human research I found to support this was an MD that did a study with an MRI that showed both onions and garlic affected the brain and slowed ones response time by about a third. They knew this in WWII and would not let pilots fly if they had onion and garlic within 48 hours. So I guess it’s not that they interfere with connection to source is why they told me not to eat them. Meditations and overall connection to source is vastly better now that I have not eaten either of these for years. When you go out to eat it is really hard to completely eliminate both of these and when there is enough you can really tell. We have been vegan for a little over 13 years and feel great, far better than when I ate meat. Give it a try is all I can tell you! What I have

      posted is the physical things humans should eliminate from their life so their vibration can go up. I will be posting what decrees the ascended masters taught me to do to take me forward to my ascension. I call it the Secret Sauce to Ascension! Love and Light

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