Disinformation and the actors doing it.

I commented on Elena Danaan’s Rumble where she posted a video of her and James Gilliland.

They are all happy because they say all the negative ET’s are gone from Earth, and the moon.

This is the comment:

bld508, 1 week ago

Beware what she says, its to convenient, to exactly what we want. Musk, Branson, and Bezos are not what they are now telling us. Why would Musk ever get a government contract after the way he screwed Buffalo the way he did. NY put up 750 million to build him a solar factory, he agreed to provide 1500 jobs. Home Depot pulled the product because it didn’t sell. No repercussion because he only provided 135 jobs. That’s 5.6 million per job, and now he has contracts for space missions? Somethings rotten here and Danaan and Rose may be a part of it. I don’t want to wait an extra 200 years because we are being duped again. Why would Micca lie? The same thing happened on his planet. When they come out with conditions for saving us like implants, nannites, AI, vaccines, boosters, and anything they can require us to do, we will know we have been duped. She talks of benevolent Annunaki but they could be the fallen negative Annunaki. We have no way of knowing, we have no proof, no way to determine fallen or good. We’ve never seen a reptilian, how do we know they’re gone? This is all WAY TO CONVENIENT! I don’t think we should follow this, it’s just to easy. We did nothing, it was all just handed to us. We have been told from the start that we have to take care of whats going on on the surface, and nothing has been done. I’m seeing two time lines still playing out, there’s no resolution, no direction has come into focus on the surface, we didn’t choose anything, are we just going to accept what is being given to us? I don’t trust this, but maybe I’m to skeptical, but it’s a feeling that just won’t go away.

The discussion after got a little nasty, but it’s still there.

I Got a reply today:

SeattleRaines, 8 minutes ago

@bld508 —

I totally agree with you. I have Danaan‘s first book & really enjoyed it. Had already figured out re the “reptiles” or that something was quite way off but when learning of Musk & especially Bezos, etc., given contracts when they’d done precious little for humankind thus far, and then learning of their implants, it felt off or did not feel right abt it all. I have pulled back from Elena/Rose’s (excellent) broadcasts, sadly. We just do not know enough (yet) & have not actually been shown anything. But we have had the wool pulled over our eyes for way, way too long. 🙁 Thanks much for your comment.

I posted a reply to @SeattleRaines on Rumble and told the short version of the ICC meeting at the LOC alpha, and directed people to come here for updates. It was removed in less than an hour. Why? What is Danaan hiding? She is censoring her comments. The people there just don’t want the truth, they have a savior now and can’t let go. We got to keep trying, they are hijacking this movement. James seemed skeptical at first, but now seems to have gulped down the pill.

This is the page I posted to:  https://rumble.com/vntzs1-elena-danaan-as-you-wish-talk-radio-great-galactic-news.html

I’ll keep watching for the rest of my comments to disappear.

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  1. Hi Bruce,

    I found this post while doing a search about Danaan. There is scant little data out there challenging her, but she appears to be well-positioned in search engines; when “she” participates in other’s broadcasts, she posts her URL. There’s a lot of production involved.

    The entirety of what she represents makes me believe she’s working for an intelligence organization, sowing disinformation. That she apparently has a lot of support is also indicative of this. I imagine she is being well-compensated for what she is doing.

    Now, what I want to know is what her real name is, where she resides, etc. Make data connections between these points and her activities.

    Danaan is but one spoke in a giant wheel of disinformation that is incredibly complex. While I keep an open mind, because we are in a weird world, I fully support “outing” anyone that is engaging in disinformation. It may be difficult to do, but I feel it’s a public service we all should engage in.

    I realize your post is older, so hopefully you’ll get this reply.

  2. Totally agree. Not only Elena Danaan, but also Dr. Michael Salla. He so conveniently has all the key contactees in hand, i.e. Elena, Rose etc. who happens to have direct connection to the Galactic Federation. Their stories happen to prove each other but without any real world evidence. Very clever. He can just conveniently make up a story and then self prove it.

  3. I would listen to their show on as you wish, but for a few years I have not listened to anyone. Because sometimes in places that do interviews there could be trigger words slipped in, and audiences/listeners could get triggered because of what we may experience in our lives.
    It must be difficult to not let that happen in the shows, or let it stop them from carrying on, and maybe they have done manipulations with as you wish talk show.. I may have noticed things too over years of listening before I stopped. (Stopped all listening to anyone’s shows) to prevent possible manipuations, which is my own personal choice.
    I reckon James would just let them have their say during the recording, with the listeners who decide with discernment.
    Of course later on it would feel bad that something was done on their show, but it is up to the audience or listeners to judge it of course.

    Something I noticed years ago was something to do with James Gilliland in a possible interview situation, it was a person who was discrediting Alex Collier calling him a fraud saying his real name is Ralph Amigron, and I think there may have been harsh words used etc
    Another instance is when Peter Slattery did an interview with Stan Romenak and it appeared he flicked an object in the air to make it seem like it appeared from nowhere.

    Those are just a few examples of when shows have been messed with.
    I wrote comments here because I like looking at things like all these things at times, otherwise I wouldn’t bother writing or adding anything.

    1. If Lucifer has moved into the mechanical like I have heard from many sources, then the AI has some form of influence on him. So it would go to say that some implants could be influenced. I don’t think her implants are affected. If her implants have been reprogrammed by who she said did it, then there’s no AI in them. I get the definite impression she is part of a different program of disclosure. She seems to be following the same limited disclosure that Salla seems to be promoting. Limited, slow, over a long period and not full disclosure until 2050. That is the same thing as the cabal wants, little pieces, limited all the while continued chipping at our rights and freedom in general. The only way this works is full disclosure all at once. Limited leaves us open for exploitation for decades.

  4. In the present configuration of planets, and it’s not my own explanation, but offered by some of the astrologers I’ve been following, there’s a risk of spiritual grandiosity showing up in us Earthlings. Might that be the case here?

    1. Interesting. I just got into listening to her, only at work in the background so far, but I do like her. She seems genuine to me. Constantly mentions that whoever she is (if she is) in contact with is just a regular person only of an advanced race. Also she never claims these ETs are going to be saving us or even doing anything with us individually yet. She puts it completely up to the individual and our society as a whole to change the things we need to change. She also defended and discussed what happened with the talk about Elon and Jeff. I am still wary, but I liked her answer and I honestly don’t think she knows too much about those 2 as people.

  5. hello, i’m french, i know elena danaan, i made videos with her before seeing some things:
    inconsistencies between what she says in her book and what she says in her videos.
    there are also differences between what thoran says and what she says herself (about commander asthar for example)
    She is totally different in her French videos, and in a private conversation where she no longer plays a role, she is not at all as sweet and in the light as she shows in her English videos.
    she denigrates everything that people who have had real contact have said like pierre Monnet (a French who had extraterrestrial contact in the 60s), Billy Maier an Austrian who had contact with a pleiadian Semjase, Cobra, Corey Goode … in short, she is the only one who has the truth!
    But the truth is elsewhere … the truth is that she only has the sales of her book to support her and her son. So from what may have been a true story to begin with, it becomes a necessity with tales that originate from his imagination, and possibly interference from dark forces as well. Elena carries false light, probably unbeknownst to her.
    he is a person who has not done any personal development work and who has a lot of ego. It is therefore the ideal candidate for manipulation.
    google translation I hope you understand

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