Sort of new to this. Have only been following ET on line really for about 12 months, but have  been interested in our space friends for, well, forever. At six years old stunning my family into silence while sat in front of the TV watching the news: "They'll never find the missing link. Aliens took people to the Jupiter moon, changed them and brought them back". I've been following ExoPolitics for a while and Corey's name kept on being mentioned so I thought I'd take a looksy and see whats happening. I've watched some of David Wilcocks stuff but find him to be quite overwheming at times - so much info to sift through. ET's exist (I think I might have met one). Its a perfectly logical conclusion to reach. I find the 3D,4D,5D stuff difficult to follow - the same can be said regards the Law of One. I did have some of the books but I gave them away because I couldn't get my head round it. Recently started looking at Remote Viewing (again) after reading some of Ingo Swans books. Is any of the info on this site and others real? May be - may be not. I have an open mind. And as the saying goes "forewarned is forearmed".