Hello my name is Ljan it is pronounced Yon.it is the name of the church my parents were married in Norway. I am a native Californian with a strong Norse heritage.  I was born and raised in the town of Shallow Alto. I went to went to local schools of Fairmeadow, Wilbur, and Gunn High. I then took multiple junior college classes through the Foothill De-Anza School District. I found my calling to the Healing arts in 2005 after taking Introduction to Massage Therapy ay Body Therapy Center in Palo Alto At which time I became a CMT then began learning how to do energy healing modalities. First came Reiki and then slowly I added others such as Theta Healing. Then learned of Micro- Current technology that mirrors both the Chakra systems as well Chinese Meridians among with many others forms of anti inflammatory scenar programs.   Most recently I took classes with David Wilcock which lead me to take Corey Goode’s first class. It has been an amazing journey and I can say all of interconnects including the Micro-Current Technologies. The synchronicity of knowledge, technology and higher consciousness all interconnect. I am looking forward to learning more as well sharing what I have learned. Gratitude to you for reading my profile introduction.