Always use your Intuition and feelings

We all have been given and inherited from our ancestors the natural ability of intuition and feelings.

Its important we always use our psychic senses and intuition to know if there is any danger or to feel a selected persons energies. Remember you are always safe at all times wherever you go, have faith.

If your ever not sure about a person or situation or deciding whether or not to make any kind of decision always remember to sit down in your sacred space and meditate on the person, situation your dealing with and feel the energies around the person or situation. Feel intuitively what decision you need to make or whether or not a person can be trusted or not.

Your feelings are never wrong, they will always be right- pay attention also to any intuitive nudges that try to make themselves present to you.

The more psychic practice/intuition exercises you do the stronger your feelings/intuition/psychic abilities will strengthen and improve.

Know this divine family of light:

“If you try hard everyday and practice at something, you will never fail you will always win, so never give up keep going.”

“Always pay attention to your intuitive feelings around you and your environment.”

Love and light dear family

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  1. For me, things have shifted into a more intuitive / heart felt daily flow… I have been “Earthing” daily and the energy I give to her is being amplified and returned and I WANT MORE OF IT! (smiles, love, and hugs…)
    I agree vehemently with your post above…
    Peace, love, and light to you and yours.

    1. Thank you sounds great. Grounding and Earthing is very healing,i need to do more of it.
      Mother Earth is truly beautiful and her energy divine and healing.
      Hope your having a wonderful day.
      Love and light.

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