Where a midnight bunny trail led

Sometimes I wake up at 2 or 3am and I find something that is perfectly attuned to the knowledge/download I need to receive at that specific time in my ascension journey. 

I do grid work with other light workers in groups sometimes and use my psychic remote viewing skills to see what needs to be cleared. I bring in Dragons, Arcturians, my higher self, Archangels Michael, Raphael and Gabriel and we do some healing work on Gaia. 

After my most recent group work session that I was so blessed to be a part of, my Golden Dragon laid eggs along the 33 grid ley line which is where we deal with a lot of Draconian AI, including the Vatican. I have been seeing a lot of the EGG shape in my psychic journeys of Astral travel to higher planes, in my physical Third Dimensional life and popping up left right and center for me. I am finding that there is an importance to this shape. I believe it has something to do with Sacred geometry and “where we are going”. I think that the Egg is made up of Sacred Geometric shapes and it is important that it can be extremely strong but also completely weak. I am seeing a lot to do with the return of our sacred magical Dragons to us. And I am also seeing a lot about the Dragon Triangles being time portals all over the planet as we go through this Cosmic process of the evolution of our planet in relation to our sun, and our whole Solar system for that matter. A little blurb on my conclusion from my latest 2am-5am bunny trail from watching some of David Wilcocks latest:

Dodecahedron planetary grid system seems to line up with mountain ridges, sacred geometry actually creates spiralling magma flows, time portals like Bermuda triangle. Inverted merkeba? Same as geometric makeup of an atom. This is why the pentagram is symbol so powerful. Geometric nodes create portals. De-materialization can occur here. Seen on the quantum level and macro level of our planet. As the planet expands, one type of geometry is morphing into another. Higher frequency. When sun gives us a different frequency of energy, then the Earth will expand into a new type of geometry, with a pole shift.

Vortex dematerialization energy created by this event will determine where we actually go when this happens. Is it happening in one event quickly or is it happening slowly? Have we been jumping timelines? This may show how IMPORTANT this grid work actually is.

I feel there is a lot more to learn here but it is just some of my intuitive knowledge that is being reaffirmed everywhere I look in my life. 


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