What else do we need to know? 

Recently I just learned that our beautiful moon is actually a carved out alien Naval operating facility that was towed here from another sector of the Galaxy filled with massive cities. Military medical research & God knows what else! Anything else we should know ? 🤔😏

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  1. Cool, yeah Corey is one of the most trustworthy in the disclosure community. He doeslter details of some things buts for good reason.

    Absolutely no one who is talk I g about this stuff for as long as someone like Corey does can continue to do so without changing some details.

        1. SI unfortunately Dr. Dallas may have treated Corey very unfairly. From what I understand. Dr. Salla and CG are not friends anymore. I dont have all of the details and everytime Corey speaks about this subject he is very careful with names.But Dr. Sally has backed and helped promote some of the misinformation and deceptions surrou Di g ET involvement in earth affairs that Corey has explained to be a deception being run by the Orion group.

          Corey also mentioned when speaking about retired airforce LTC David Grusch this past July that Grusch refused to work with or even be interviewed by Greere because he is a controlled informant to the public. That is to say they Corey does not trust Greere and has openly explained that he is not sharing information aimed at truthful disclosure. I’m not directly quoting Corey but if you look at the QandA seasons from late June and July by Corey on AW.tv you will understand the stuff I’m referring to.

          CG has been through a lot of legal battles in the pursuit of protecting his testimony and his familu over the past few years. He has been very transparent although because of stress and life circumstanes he has not always been timely in providing that transparency. He hasn’t exactly had a PR team backing him. Overall he has done a great job of pulling through and has recently been making progress on producing the projects that he has had in mind and shared a desire to create. He needs to be very careful about how he addresses issues surrounding the attacks on his character and intentions part of how he is doing that is putting together this new upcoming “True Crime TV series. I expect that Greere will be invited to be interviewed on this show.

        2. To be more clear. Ella a Dennan is in with Dr. Salla but ahe is not sharing accurate or correct information. She likely does believe what she is saying but it’s not an accurate representation of our current situation.

    1. I’m thing to catch up lol as I’m new on here as well but thanks ! There’s many more of us to be enlightened as there’s more who don’t know than know of
      These things . I listen to several people I have and am learning from . But thanks for your concern ! 😎

  2. by the way…I haven’t been able to comment on the browser for months & just saw a private message saying
    To check my email from 10 days ago ! Yet I can comment on the app . Well I’m not always on this device and or use apps for everything . I prefer to go to a browser after being hacked by an apple engineer during the plandemic so I do not use passwords or keychain or save my login info – ever! Apps take up a lot of storage & get a lot of personal data from your device . Please fix this so we can comment from the browser thanks Mike !

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