2/26/2023 Dream

I have had dreams every day since the first post, but I plan to do something else with them. Three years ago, I had a dream where I was sitting in the park, and this purple symbol appeared in the sky. When I woke up in this reality, I saw the symbol above me. I had a theory that whatever this symbol was caused everyone to forget. The symbol drawn is the basic premise; there were more squiggles. 

People were going missing, and it was all over the news. People called it “a glitch in the matrix”, but I knew better. Someone was taking all of the awake people out of existence through some bug. I looked around my room to the best of my ability, but I was exhausted. I asked my friend Razz if I ever went missing would he come and find me, and he said yes. I went back to searching, and I noticed that the drawer on my desk was open. I realized that the bug could be inside. I grabbed my UV light and looked inside. There was a toy bug which was not what I was looking for. I opened Spotify to listen to some music, and a big green cartoon bug was on my screen, eating all of my songs. I said in annoyance,  “of course it’s in Spotify” the bug then looked at me, and I yelled.

I felt like all my senses were electrocuted, and I felt a giant jolt. Then everything stopped. My body was gone, everything was gone, and I was just energy. Is this what dying feels like? It wasn’t bad, just strange…Familiar. I realized I couldn’t die now, and I had more here to do. I had struggled to come back, to feel my body again. I almost couldn’t wake up. It was the feeling you have when trying to wake up from a nightmare. I was exhausted from the night before, and in my dreams, I had the same level of energy I went to sleep with. This made returning even more difficult, but I managed to wake myself up. When I awoke, I saw it. The symbol in this reality. No longer a bright purple but the color of dried blood. I moved from my spot and began to write. 

Here is the symbol. I can’t get them completely accurate, but here are two versions. 

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