Dream 11/13/2022

I have had peculiar dreams lately, so I write them down. They usually come in twos and have a small amount of randomness. I believe since I am still pretty young, things still get mixed into the dream world, so there is a bit of nonsense in there. Nonetheless, I want to start putting this information out here. 

The dream started with me waking up. I wake up and look around; everything in my room is the same, except I can not turn the lights on, and there are a few creatures around. In the past, it was always pitch black, but lately, I have been provided a flashlight. (I’ll discuss these “training” dreams in a different post.) With my flashlight in hand, I walked down the stairs, only to be met with this Large grey with a black and orange robe. Black with orange lines. With a dark blue/navy general-looking jacket. From what I remember, their face was very skull-like. There was a ship on the pool deck. (They looked very serious, so I will call them the general due to their jacket.) The general was talking to me or trying to think about how to talk to me. I guess he thought that all humans like to cook or speak better when there is food, so they threw a piece of uncooked steak on the stove.  Perhaps he thought that would get my full attention? Even so, they turned the nob to the high setting. The food then caught fire, and the food burned in the pan. I tried to turn it off, but there was so much fire that I would get burned, so they had to turn it off for me. They were kind of flame resistant, and I remember the general carefully, with the tip of his four fingers, turned the nob off with my directions. We then spoke for a little bit (which I do not remember, the only thing I remember was they were kind.) I then asked if I could take a picture of him. He was okay with it, then I took a picture of his ship next to the pool, and he asked me to delete it. So I did, or I was trying to, but I woke up. The photos were not on my phone when I checked. I woke up at 4:00 am, then documented the dream. I always wake up at 4:00 am and 5:00 am. 

The dream continued, or at least I think it did. Even so, I remember speaking to a few people when sneaking around some facility. I was trying to look for information on something. I remember walking into a meeting room, and the word environment was scribbled on many notepads. I was looking for a key, but we didn’t find the key and left the facility early. I asked why we couldn’t just go back in, no one was in there still, and we had plenty of time. They told me it wouldn’t make a difference, so I stopped asking. We sat on a bench and waited for someone to come and pick me up. I remember we put the items we got on the table, and I grabbed someone’s keys that looked very similar to my house keys and put them in my drawstring bag. One of them noticed that their keys were missing and showed my keys to me in response. Seeing that the keys I had were not mine, I gave them back. The two people I spoke to were one male and one female. The male looked almost like a teacher with Brown hair, glasses, and a brown beard. The woman had blonde hair.

While we were waiting for someone to pick us up, we began to talk about the differences in our universes. With all the items already on the table, we started to compare things. We had so much extra time. Anyway, one thing we spoke about was currency. Pennies are different in this universe. In their universe, it is just a thin piece of copper (like a paint smudge) same idea as all the other coins we have. I remember seeing that the woman was acting suspicious once I pointed to a ring with a symbol; it looked Chinese. (It looked a bit like the symbol for prosperity, but a bit more swirly) out of suspicion, I took a photo of it.

After a significant amount of time had passed, I saw a ship that was there to pick me up in the distance. I flagged down the ship, which was wooden, and an alien or human in a light blue button-down and a dark blue open jacket asked me if I was ready to go. I responded yes and climbed up onto the ship. I then asked if they knew the general’s name, and they told me. It started with a C, but I did not get it in the slightest. Something difficult to say or difficult to remember. I began to climb up the ladder (a ladder you would see on the side of a wind turbine.)

When I reached the top, I had to push open a wooden trap door, and instead of using my arms to push it open, I used my head and said, “I’m pretty good with my head” (this is not an exaggeration, I act this way in reality too, a little silly/ goofy.) They laughed at my joke. The ship was a little run down, but not to the point where I had to worry. The seats were made of fabric, and the ship was completely wood. He told me to sit where no air came through the windows, so I started making my way over. The ship began to rotate fast, and since I wasn’t in my spot, I asked if we could stop. The person stopped the ship, and we dropped from the sky, but it wasn’t scary. Before we hit the ground, they pulled a lever or pressed a button that then caused the ship to hover in place. (I think the person wanted to show off) I told them I was ready, and the ship began to spin again. It was smooth, with no turbulence; it was amazing. I then started talking to them about how airplanes suck and how the spaceship is much better! They were laughing and agreed. I don’t remember if they were a human or an alien, but they were so nice, almost like a long-term family friend. I think they worked for the general.

The general’s name was something like Chav Chavez and then something else. Roll the C’s

Chav Chavez Ramirez Korton?

Once again realism is not my specialty.

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