Zach Bellows – Ep.185

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This is the fledgling bird that crash landed on Zach and sat beside him as we were having our chat. (You can hear when it happened in the audio!)

Enjoy my deep conversation with Zach Bellows which we recorded in a park near a coffee shop. He shares so many spiritual insights. And halfway through a fledgling bird crash landed on Zach’s head and then it sat next to him for the rest of our chat.

I met Zach at our Pause Your Life meetup group here in Colorado Springs.

Zach is a teacher, musician and composer. And a person who genuinely wants to know what’s beyond our mundane auto-pilot lives.

Here are some of the topics we discussed:

  • Continuous peace
  • The lie that creates your life – that you are separate from Love/God
  • A Course in Miracles
  • Discernment
  • The spiritual goal
  • Listen and Follow
  • What is real
  • Trust
  • The worst you can do is delay
  • Fledgling bird
  • Forgiveness
  • No private thoughts and no people pleasing
  • There is no death

Keep Shining!

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Theme music is part of the song “Flight” written and performed by Richard Shulman. (used with permission)

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