Relying More and More on Your Inner Guidance, and Frustration Is a Gift – Ep.190

The Mystic Show

After a year of not speaking publicly about it, Chris discusses his metamorphosis last year.

Frustration… Chris read from Tony Robbins’ book about the message that frustration is giving you, and the solution to handling it elegantly.

Walk on the “smoother” part of the trail (in someone else’s footsteps) for as long as that particular trail is still the one you want to be on.

Discomfort prods you — but be sure to move forward, not backward!

Chris has been on an effective spiritual path for many years. And last year his training seems to have been bumped up to the next level of progress – morphing his practice and himself into something much more subtle.

Chris read three passages from 365 Tao: 118 Guidance, 124 Defiance, and 140 Dissent.

One way of stating the goal of human life: Becoming a “perfect” human being like the great souls of the past — having no religion or politics or anything!

Also Chris touched on the role of a guide.

Listen to the entire episode to hear all the details!

Keep Shining!

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