Preview: Womb Wisdom with Kassandra Cruz

This women’s class exists to help women reconcile our connection to our womb. Remember the sacred divine connection of the portal that brings all life into this world. Our power has been suppressed by shame and fear. Our wombs have been used and abused for far to long. It’s time to rewrite our story of the sacred Womban. Our womb is the connection to the unknown, that place where our fertile soils of creation brings in all our life’s desires. But if those soils are depleted and deprived of nourishment, it’s up to us to replenish and rebirth ourselves a new.

This class will bring in womb wisdom and methods of connecting to that space bringing the healing we may need. Includes a guided meditation and open communication to help us to keep a healthy womb space and aid in healing painful periods and dis-eased wombs and unbalanced cycles. We are coming back to the knowledge within our cycles. Come, bring a journal and be ready to do the work it takes to come back to balance and health.

This Zoom meeting will not be recorded.

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