NDEs & The Law of One with Chris - Episode 20

The Law of One & Spiritual Concepts

In this episode, we invite Chris onto the podcast to discuss Near Death Experiences (NDEs) and how they relate to the Law of One.

If interested, please see the list of links below discussed on the episode:

  • Howard Storm & Near-Death.com = https://near-death.com/howard-storm-nde/
  • Anthony Chen = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2AeOfYAJJ8o&list=PLI7LyLSODlO8G2gb0q5SYfiswcgSv1z6e&index=2
  • Dr Eben Alexander = http://ebenalexander.com/about/my-experience-in-coma/
  • Jeff Olsen = https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&opi=89978449&url=https://www.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3D1FD5lReqe64&ved=2ahUKEwjUvu2qqrOFAxUfAzQIHZ-_DbgQwqsBegQICxAG&usg=AOvVaw0Smwph2Il3tVSQD42r0-QH
  • Anita Moorjani = https://www.anitamoorjani.com/my-nde
  • Tricia Barker = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2GFT_89YMWE


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