Grassroots Disclosure: Nothing is Stopping Us @ Eclipse of Disclosure 2017

Michael Waskosky

Talk by Mike Waskosky given on August 21, 2017 at the Eclipse of Disclosure conference in Mt Shasta, CA. This is meant for everyone interested in UFO and ET disclosure who wants to know what they can do to get active to support disclosure, and also how to find and meet with others like them.

1. What are we after and why (Full disclosure now)
2. On finding people and networking (Meetup, Facebook groups, etc)
3. On meetings / venues
4. On getting others up to speed (information sharing, DVD ISO files, flyers, online video)
5. Helping others get along (agreeing to disagree)
6. Being flexible with people and changes
7. On seeking wise counsel
8. On activism and demonstration
9. On forming community councils
10. On staying focused and sustaining interest

Activism flier passed out to attendees:


Colorado Springs ET Disclosure group: