David Wilcock @ The Ascension Summit

The Ascension Summit

David Wilcock showed up at the Ascension Summit 2021 Conference (Colorado Springs, Co) and gave a surprise talk to attendees. To see the rest of the conference please visit: https://ascensionsummit2021.com/


  1. Hi David and Corey! Moving full circle out and around. The Sacred Feminine and Masculine (-/+) representing intuitive knowing and logical analysis is activating in matter. New Earth rapture of higher intelligence is Knowing Oneself inside out. It’s an inner space journey.

  2. Religions used the mass consciousness to bring forth the reality they want to achieve. Fear ,guilt and control are their tools not to mention the “borrowing” of other stories and historical events that they made their own from much older religions. Romans created Jesus on the achievements of the true spiritual leader of that time Yeshua who is not Jesus. Jesus is a fabrication that the romans created in order to have the martyr / savior sowed up for their purposes. Scrutinize any religion you want they are all the same. You find spiritual freedom from looking within recognizing the creator’s spark /soul / ISBE in you and freeing yourself from external forces. No one is going to save us , we have to save our selves. Each and everyone of us is on our own spiritual path and progression. However there are those who have figured out how to trap a soul to a place for an undetermined amount of time (as in earth). There is no mass ascension it is only mass extinction when the host species of a planet starts to wake up and starts figuring shit out. When that happens it just resets everything and everyone goes back to square 1 and is none the wiser. Don’t be sheep, have realizations and not revelations.

  3. Thank you for the continued direction in truth, Thank you. It’s been crazy looking for a place to land in spirit, and finding there is a large collective of Positive fulfilling individuals at this landing grounds all my forward movement.