Ascension Summit Closing Ceremony

The Ascension Summit

Calling in the directions, meditation, and new earth activation.


      1. Yes… I can relate… was with Family in 2019 on a mini camping vacation and with the introduction to the flashing yellow in MN — I was due to clear an intersection with oncoming 50mph… I attempted-but hit by a car Id say going at least 70mph.. we flipped –felt like twice with my wife and son w/girlfriend–luckly we made it out good.. but that really made a change in my families concerns about driving.

        1. I’m so sorry 🙁 I’m glad you all made it out okay though. That could have been so much worse. You all definitely have some forces looking out for you. My issue was with the fractured vertebrae, I’m not sure I could have traveled it. If/when there is another summit, I bet I’ll be the first one there 🙂

          1. Aw Trish I am so sorry hopefully there will be one we can all meet at I would love to give you huge hugs!