5: Psychedelics (Mushrooms) and Spirituality with Andrew Part 1

Spirituality, What?

This time on Spirituality, What? I’m excited to host my close friend Andrew with Part 1 of 2 of the Psychedelics (Mushrooms) and Spirituality episode. Andrew is an experienced Psilocybin Journey and Ceremony guide.

Join us in this mind-expanding episode as we unravel the physiological science behind classic psychedelics, explore the profound concept of ego dissolution and its impact on self-identity, and delve into the intricate details of a psilocybin journey, including the crucial phase of integration.
We'll also discuss the art of staying present in your psychedelic experience, offering insights that transcend the psychedelic realm and apply to the broader spectrum of spiritual exploration.

You can see more from Andrew (on Freedom from Attachment) on Ascension Works TV: https://ascensionworks.tv/v/ascension-workers-with-andrew/

Additional details about integration:

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