16: Spiritual Beings with ADHD and/or Awe-tism with Ulla Part 2

Spirituality, What?

This is part 2 of Spiritual Beings with ADHD and/or Awe-tism with Dr. Ulla Sarmiento! We continue our discussion into the realms of ADHD and Awe-tism on the latest episode of Spirituality, What?

Join us as we unravel the energies, challenges, and spiritual significance of these remarkable souls, exploring their unique relationship with ADHD and Autism. Discover what it’s like for these individuals to navigate our linear, logical, and siloed world, and delve into the profound role they play in our collective spiritual awakening and growth on this planet.

But that’s not all! Dr. Ulla shares insights into Ascension Flu, the science behind treating our physical and energetic bodies right, and the importance of embracing the holistic approach to well-being.

Ulla Sarmiento (@auntieulla) was born in Finland, grew up in Canada and now lives in Spain. She is a highly trained research scientist (DVM, PhD, DACVP) who worked in both academia and the biopharmaceutical industry for over two decades. After retiring from the corporate world, she applied her research skills to spiritual science to seek the newest answers to age-old questions asked by every generation. Her goal is to bridge science and spirituality by bringing new thought processes into both areas, because we are now able to understand things in their real terms, not couched in mysteries, spiritual fiction or science fiction. This new information will change the way we operate on this planet, because we will finally understand who and what we are, how we create our reality and what our purpose here is.

Website: www.bigpicturequestions.com  – Get a Life Plan Reading or a Relationship Reading to find out about your energetic blueprint and how you interface with other people in your life.

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YouTube videos under Ulla Sarmiento: Videos on What Is Autism Spiritually? What is ADHD Spiritually? What is Ascension Flu? and more


Chris Palmer’s book Brain Energy:


Guy Needler’s Chakra Opening Exercises: http://www.beyondthesource.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Chakra-Opening-Exercises-1.pdf

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Welcome to the Spirituality, What? podcast, where we explore the mysteries, joys and challenges of being spiritual beings navigating our unpredictable Human experience we call life, here on planet earth.

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