17: Tattoos as Spiritual Beings with Sherley Part 1

Spirituality, What?

Embark on a mystical journey where ink becomes a portal to the soul! Join me and the incredible Sherley Escribano in our two-part series, “Tattoos as Spiritual Beings,” as we unravel the profound connections between tattoos and the spiritual realm.

Sherley Escribano is a tattoo artist with 28 years of experience and a Reiki Master Teacher, offering Energy Therapy Tattoos, her own fusion that combines Reiki and Sound Therapy with a small tattoo to remind us of our wholeness and power. She also offers Reiki sessions, Reiki combined with Sound Therapy, Animal Reiki, and Fairy Reiki at Stardust Reiki & Wellness.

In this episode, we dive into the enchanting interplay of Reiki energy and tattoo artistry, where every stroke becomes a conduit for spiritual vibrations. Stardust Reiki and Tattoo Sessions unfold as sacred ceremonies, weaving healing energies and spiritual connections into the very fabric of your being.

Discover the transformative power of intention behind tattoos, transforming each piece into a visual testament of personal growth and exploration. We explore the sacred trust between artist and canvas, where tattoos become profound imprints of emotion and spirituality.

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See you next week!

Welcome to the Spirituality, What? podcast, where we explore the mysteries, joys and challenges of being spiritual beings navigating our unpredictable Human experience we call life, here on planet earth.

Intro music by Forestial.

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